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Work To Make is a stat: The base amount of work it takes to make an item, once all materials are gathered. Its minimum allowed value is 0. Its default value is 25.

This value is defined in the game files in ticks, but is displayed in-game as the rounded conversion into seconds. Note that this rounding is cosmetic only, the true work time is precise to the tick value.

One second in-game, at normal game speed, corresponds to 60 ticks. Thus, conversion is a simple matter of dividing by 60 for conversion from ticks to seconds, and multiplying by 60 for conversion from seconds to ticks. For example, a charge lance has a Work To Make stat defined as 60,000 ticks in the fame files, and will therefore display in-game in the bills selection, which uses in-game seconds as the unit, as 1000 work.

For reference, an in-game day is 1000 seconds long at normal game speed, corresponding to 60,000 ticks. Thus at 100% work speed, exactly 1,000 units of work will be performed during one in-game day of uninterrupted work. Assuming a regular "work shift" of about 12-16 in-game hours, one can expect about 500-650 units of work to be performed, per day, by a pawn on a regular schedule working at 100% speed.

Lastly, note that pawn stats, such as general labor speed or cooking speed, divide this base value to find the actual amount of time to make an object. For example, if a pawn has 200% of the relevant speed, then it will take half the time to make the item than is reported by its Work To Make stat.