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Talking is a pawn capacity: A character's capacity of speech. Directly affected by consciousness.

Talking is a factor of all social stats including Diplomatic Gift Impact, Recruit Prisoner Chance, Social Chat Impact, and Trade Price Improvement. Talking capacity is reduced by a damaged or missing jaw. Dementia also impairs talking.

Negotiation Ability0.9How effective this person is as a negotiator.
This affects the speed of prisoner recruitment, impact on faction relations when giving gifts, and the outcome of peace talks.
Social Impact0.9A multiplier on how much other people are affected by this person's social interactions.
Trade Price Improvement0.9When this person negotiates prices, buy and sell prices are improved by this percentage.
Tame Animal Chance0.91The base chance this person will successfully tame an animal on any given attempt. The actual chance is also affected by the animal's wildness.\nFailed tame attempt can induce animal attacks, especially for more vicious animals.
Train Animal Chance0.71The base chance this person will make progress training an animal on a given attempt.\n\nThe actual chance for a given attempt will also depend on the animal's wildness, whether it is bonded with the trainer, and so on.