Blood Filtration

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Blood Filtration is a pawn capacity: A character's ability to fight off diseases. Affects consciousness and immunity gain speed.

Blood Filtration, also called Fluid Reprocessing on mechanoids, is a function of a human's and animal's bodies provided by the kidneys and liver. It is a major factor of Immunity Gain Speed and is therefore critical to keeping sick people and animals alive.

It is lethal for humans, animals and mechanoids for Blood Filtration to be reduced to zero.

ConsciousnessCapacity0.11The state or quality of awareness. A pawn loses consciousness when this falls below 30% and dies when this reaches 0%.
Immunity Gain SpeedStat0.5-The speed at which this character gains immunity to diseases. If this is too slow, the character will die from the disease before developing immunity.



The following factors affect Blood Filtration.

  • Kidney part efficiency. 50% importance per Kidney, no allowed defect. No Max
  • Liver part efficiency. 100% importance, no allowed defect. No Max