Global Learning Factor

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Global Learning Factor is a stat: Global learning efficiency for all skills. Global learning factor is a direct multiplier on the experience gained for skills.[Relation to Learning need]

To calculate this value, the game applies any factors to the sum of all offsets and the base 100%. As such, a pawn with the Slow Study gene and the Fast Learner trait has a Global Learning Factor of less than 100%.

Global Learning Factor is only one part of skill XP growth, along with the Passion Multiplier and the base XP from a pawn's action. The base XP is multiplied by both Global Learning Factor and the Passion Multiplier. Because they are multiplicative, even the highest Global Learning Factor, 270%, cannot overcome the multiplier from a lack of passion, 35%, leaving such a pawn learning that skill slightly slower (94% of base XP gained) than a pawn with a base global learning factor and a single passion in the skill (100% of base XP gained).



These values act as offsets to Global Learning Factor. That is they are added to the base value of 100%. For example, a pawn with the Fast Learner trait and a Learning Assistant implant has a final Global Learning Factor of 195%.