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Base Stats


The dreadmeld is an entity added by the Anomaly DLC. It is the largest of the fleshbeasts and can be considered the "boss battle" of the pit gate.


Only spawns in a Pit Gate. Only one spawns in each Pit Gate.


The dreadmeld is some sort of huge fleshbeast. Being made out of many smaller fleshbeasts it spawns them regularly when taking damage. When it dies (dropping 3 shards) the pit it lived in collapses, closing the pithole for good after 12 in game hours.


The Dreadmeld is slow and lumbering, while only chasing the closest attacker. Barraging it with gunfire while having another pawn kite it is safe, save for the fingerspikes, trispikes, and toughspikes that spawn from it when significantly damaged. If you can manage the additional fleshbeasts, the Dreadmeld itself is largely harmless, so have a fast runner run it in circles while your gun-wielding pawns take it down.

Optionally, if you want to use the Pit Cave for some other purpose, don't unleash the Dreadmeld in the first place. This can be avoided by paying attention - a message will appear when a colonist approaches its location, so make a note and stay away from that spot while you build.

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