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Pit gate

Pit gate

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The Pit Gate is an Advanced-Level Entity in the Anomaly DLC. Upon spawning a countdown will appear giving the player time to prepare for the incoming wave of fleshbeasts. The player may let colonists enter the Pit Gate to defeat the source of the Pit Gate.


With at least a level 2 Monolith, a Pit gate is a possible outcome of Void Provocation and can also appear randomly (but no more than once per 45 days) as a major threat. A Pit Gate requires 500 Raid points.

Encountering the dreadmeld inside the pit unlocks the Provoke Pit Gate ritual, which can be used to summon more pit gates.


The pit gate initially appears as an "underground emergence". After 5,000 ticks (2 in-game hours) to 20,000 ticks (8 in-game hours), the emergence will open up into a pit gate, and fleshbeasts will emerge to attack your colony.

It is possible to use the pit gate to travel to the undercave, a pocket map located underground, and infested with fleshmass. In order to remove the pit gate, you must destroy the dreadmeld that resides within.

Once the dreadmeld is killed, the undercave will collapse after 10 hours. Once the undercave collapses, the pit gate will be destroyed.

As long as the pit gate is present on the map, it will periodically spawn more waves of fleshbeasts. The time between waves will be at least 12 days and average every 14 days. You will be warned of these attacks a few hours in advance, though unlike with the pit gate's emergence, you will not see a timer.

There does not appear to be any negative effects for leaving pollutionContent added by the Biotech DLC or toxic wastepacksContent added by the Biotech DLC in the pit gate's undercave, even after it has collapsed. Since Fleshbeasts are not immune to toxic buildup, dumping wastepacks inside and setting them on fire is an easy way to deal with the pit.

For the purposes of Raid points, wealth and colonists in the undercave do count for the surface level above.


You can use the cavern as a home by carrying resources into it. Raids will only attack the upper map, making it a safe underground shelter. Just ensure to wall off or otherwise leave alone the large flesh beasts in the cave.

If you wish to destroy the cave, this is easy as well. You can fill it with toxic waste to poison the monsters within, or send an expedition to fight the monsters inside. Ghouls are quite well suited to long stays in the cave, but several are needed or will be overwhelmed.

Beware the pit rumbles as beasts will fly out and attack. If the pit combines with a flesh heart event, walls of flesh will surround the pit holding the beasts that emerge in place, collecting potentially hundreds or even thousands of monsters that will be released when the flesh heart dies. Therefore beware of complications from the pit interacting with other events. Another challenging example would be fighting raids from the Pitt in the darkness event. On the other hand, flesh beasts will come from the pit periodically, forever, and aren't usually too challenging to deal with, but are hostile to a variety of enemies, most helpfully the mechanoids. If you have a situation where a large number of fleshbeasts have become held in place outside the pit, toxic fallout or artillery mortars will assist if this situation transpires on your map. Alternatively, you may exploit this event as the story teller will believe you are in a permanent raid, reducing the amount of raids it sends you. Note that hundreds or thousands of flesh beasts will slow down the game.

It is recommended to plan a long term strategy in advance when deciding what to do with the pit, whether that is making a vault inside, destroying its inhabitants to close it, using it as a source of flesh beasts.

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