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A monstrous creature that resembles a massive, painfully swollen human with randomly reconfigured body parts. Near its top is a stretched face that watches its victim with dead eyes.
Hundreds of sharp keratin spines protrude from the gorehulk's skin. It can launch these spines to spear its victims at a distance. However, its awkward fleshy body is less effective at causing harm up close.
It's hard to know whether this is a human that was horribly distorted by the influence of the void or a poor imitation of humanity created from scratch by some evil intelligence.

Base Stats


Pawn Stats

Move Speed
3.25 c/s
Body Size
Mass - Baby
24 kg
Mass - Juvenile
60 kg
Mass - Adult
120 kg
Carrying Capacity
150 kg
Filth Rate
Life Expectancy
25 years
Comfortable Temp Range
-40 °C – 60 °C (-40 °F – 140 °F)


Meat Yield
280 human meat
Leather Yield
80 human leather

Gorehulks are a type of entity added by the Anomaly DLC.


spawn in raids of large numbers


They are very easy to bring down as they have little armor,[Any?] no resistance to pain and are extremely weak in close combat. [Verify]


They yield 3 bioferrite and 400W per day.


While not especially dangerous in small groups, the gorehulk is particularly adept at breaking out of containment for its level, and as such should receive the best storage possible that a beginning player can provide. Their great bulk combined with no particular resistance to pain makes them easy to capture. With a little investment into proper facilities they can be a great source of bioferrite.

For comparisons sake, sightstealers yield 1.6 and are arguably more dangerous.

In large numbers, they can be extremely dangerous when fought in an open area as their primary attack is ranged, and they attempt to retreat when approached. This can lead to situations where you get kited by them while you are not being able to use your weapons properly.

While not in sight they will walk towards your colonists. Therefore, a good way to deal with them is to fight in chokepoints around corners to not let them range attack you and get them one by one.

Despite not being an animal, the manhunter pulse works on them like a berserk pulse. This can be extremely useful to deal with them as they will fight each other and almost completely ignore your combatants while you can shoot them at will.

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