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Base Stats


Bulbfreaks are entities, and type of fleshbeast, added by the Anomaly DLC.


Bulbfreaks, the largest possible capturable type of fleshbeast, seem to be mostly associated with the pit gate anomaly. They can emerge from pit gates in fleshbeast attacks originating from them, and can be found inside the undercaves. When a dreadmeld is killed, they will release one bulbfreak from their body.


Bulbfreaks deal high melee damage, but are slow and are very easy to kill. However, once a bulbfreak is killed, they will release many smaller fleshbeasts from their body.


Bulbfreaks are a highly valuable addition to any containment facility, due to their advanced anomaly research opportunities, as well as a whopping 7 bioferrite per day by attaching a bioferrite harvester to their containment. However, bulbfreaks are very fragile; even a colonist's mere punch could kill one and release a swarm of fleshbeasts. If wanting to capture one, a source of psychic shock, such as a psychic shock lance, is recommended. This fragility also makes attaching an Electroharvester to a contained Bulbfreak unwise; not only do they perish more rapidly than more robust specimens due to eventual buildup of brain scarring from the harvester's random shocks, destroying a valuable study and bioferrite source, but their death will also fill their containment cell with unrestrained angry fleshbeasts.

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