Warped obelisk

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Warped obelisk

Warped obelisk

Base Stats


The Warped Obelisk (also referred to as the "Abductor") is one three potential Obelisks that may arrive at your colony. The Warped Obelisk will kidnap creatures and colonists on activation, sending them to an alternate dimension called The Labyrinth.


The Warped obelisk can spawn in the map as a Major Threat.


Like all Obelisks, the Warped Obelisk can be studied for advanced anomaly research, and must be regularly suppressed to prevent its full activation. While being studied or suppressed, there is a chance the Obelisk teleports the interacting colonist to the Labyrinth. The chance of this event occurring is on average, once every 24 hours of either suppression or study.

  • When it reaches 100% Activity Level the Warped Obelisk will teleport random pawns on the map into The Labyrinth. Colonists, prisoners, and animals all can be teleported. If you attack the obelisk with multiple colonists, it can send more than one to the Labyrinth. They will arrive at different places, but on the same map, speeding up your exploration and giving you more firepower to defend against the threats inside. Do note that the obelisk can violently explode, downing or killing melee-range pawns.
  • After 10 Anomaly research points from studying the obelisk a teleport button will appear. (15-80 day cooldown)
  • Inside the The Labyrinth you can find gray boxes and corpses with food, organs, and weapons.
  • Once you have found the warped obelisk inside of The Labyrinth you can interact with it to be teleported back to your base, however alongside some of its content, which may be flesh beasts, or a lot of corpses that will come alive during the next death pall. When you return the obelisk will be gone.
  • To deactivate you need 30 Advanced Anomaly research points from studying the obelisk and two Shards. Once deactivated the button is removed.


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