Blood rain

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Blood rain is an event in anomaly and induces the blood rage effect in pawns and animals. Blood rage increases melee damage. It can cause animals to go manhunter or pawns to have a violent breakdown.

  • Blood rage (very mild): Melee damage factor 100% (0-5% severity)
  • Blood rage (mild): melee damage factor 110%
  • Blood rage (moderate): Melee damage factor 125%
  • Blood rage (severe): melee damage factor 138%
  • Blood rage (extreme): melee damage factor 150%

This event can be random or triggered by rituals. It is a great way to deal with enemies animals can become hostile to, such as mechanoids, as animals follow their usual rules of not attacking through doors unless they see them used. This means your pawns can simply hide from them inside, whereas they will attack many raids.