Psychic Sensitivity

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Psychic Sensitivity is a Stat: More sensitive people suffer more from negative psychic effects, and benefit more from positive ones. Higher psychic sensitivity also increases neural heat limit.

Acts as a scalar value for things such as Psychic Drones, some Psycasts Content added by the Royalty DLC, and a pawn's Neural Heat Limit. Some effects such as Psychic shock lances are toggled by psychic sensitivity only - if a pawn has a non-zero sensitivity the effect is applied and if they don't it is not, but no other modification to the effect from different levels exists.

Humans and Animals by default have a psychic sensitivity of 100%, Centipedes of 75%, Other Mechanoids of 50%.

Name Effect of Stat
Psychic Drones Multiplier on moodlet
Psychic animal pulser N/A
Psychic insanity lance Immunity at 0%. No other effect.
Psychic shock lance Immunity at 0%. No other effect.
Psychic soothe pulser Multiplier on moodlet
Psychic emanator Multiplier on moodlet
Psychic harmonizer ?
Neural Heat Limit Multiplier on Limit
Psycasts [A] Multiplier on duration
^A This applies to most, but not all, psycasts that create effects on the pawn. See Psycasts for more information

The following modifiers exist:

Name Type Psychic sensitivity bonus
Psychically Hypersensitive Trait +80%
Psychically Sensitive Trait +40%
Psychically Dull Trait -50%
Psychically Deaf Trait -100%
Eltex shirt [DLC] Apparel +10%
Eltex vest [DLC] Apparel +15%
Eltex robe [DLC] Apparel +20%
Eltex helmet [DLC] Apparel +15%
Eltex skullcap [DLC] Apparel +40%
Psychic foil helmet Apparel -90%
Prestige recon armor [DLC] Apparel +5%
Prestige recon helmet [DLC] Apparel +5%
Prestige marine armor [DLC] Apparel +5%
Prestige marine helmet[DLC] Apparel +5%
Prestige cataphract armor [DLC] Apparel +5%
Prestige cataphract helmet [DLC] Apparel +5%
Psychic Hypersensitizer persona weapon [A] [DLC] Weapon +40%
Psychic Sensitivity persona weapon [A] [DLC] Weapon +20%
Psychic Quiet persona weapon [A] [DLC] Weapon -15%
Psychic Fog persona weapon [A] [DLC] Weapon -30%
Eltex staff [DLC] Weapon +50%
Psychic sensitizer [DLC] Implant +25%
^A Persona trait appear on the following weapons: Persona monosword, Persona plasmasword, and Persona zeushammer
^DLC Added by the Royalty DLC