Tame Animal Chance

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Tame Animal Chance is a Stat: The base chance this person will successfully tame an animal on any given attempt. The actual chance is also affected by the animal's wildness.

Failed tame attempt can induce animal attacks, especially for more vicious animals.


  • Animals: 4% plus 3% per skill level.
  • Manipulation: 50% importance, 20% allowed defect. 100% limit
  • Talking: 90% importance, 20% allowed defect. 100% limit
  • Hearing: 30% importance, 5% allowed defect. 100% limit
  • Animal's Wildness: If the Wildness is 50%, the above holds true. If lower than 50%, the chance of taming is higher - double for an animal with 0% Wildness. If higher, the chance is lower - impossible for an animal with 100% Wildness.