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Eating is a pawn capacity: A character's ability to eat. Eating is a function of a human's or animal's body provided by the jaw and tongue. It is a major factor of Eating Speed and is therefore critical to allowing pawns to maintain their Saturation and prevent them from starving.

At the time of writing, the maximum possible Eating capacity is 150% with a healthy pawn high on go-juice, luciferium and wake-up, and having used a neural superchargerContent added by the Ideology DLC to buff Consciousness.

Affected stats

Eating SpeedStat0.95-Multiplier on eating speed.


The following factors affect Eating:

  • Consciousness: 100% importance, no allowed defect. No Max
  • Jaw part efficiency. 90% importance, 0% allowed defect. No Max
    • Denture: Part efficiency offset ? [Values]
  • Tongue part efficiency. 50% importance, 0% allowed defect. ? Max