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Eating is a pawn capacity: A character's ability to eat. Eating is a function of a human's or animal's health, affected by Consciousness, the jaw, tongue, and neck.

Eating and manipulation are the two determining factors of the Eating Speed stat.

Eating is not affected by stomach efficiency or metabolism; these factors independently affect the ability to use nutrition to satisfy hunger. Moving can severely restrict a creature's ability to move to nearby nutrition but are also independent from eating. Sight does not affect eating nor a creature's ability to find available nutrition.

At the time of writing, the maximum possible Eating capacity is 150% with a healthy pawn high on go-juice, luciferium and wake-up, and having used a neural superchargerContent added by the Ideology DLC to buff Consciousness.

Affected stats[edit]

Eating SpeedStat0.95-Multiplier on eating speed.


The following factors affect Eating:

  • Consciousness: 100% importance, no allowed defect. No Max
  • Jaw part efficiency. 90% importance, 0% allowed defect. No Max
    • Denture: Part efficiency offset ? [Values]
  • Tongue part efficiency. 50% importance, 0% allowed defect. ? Max
  • Neck