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Sight is a pawn capacity: How well a character can see. Sight affects most colonist stats, with varying impact, though its importance will depend on the pawn's role in the colony. Sight is capped at 100% for many stats, but some combat and medical skills are uncapped.

At the time of writing, the maximum possible Sight capacity in the core game is 250% with a healthy pawn high on go-juice and luciferium with two archotech eyes installed, while also being infected with sensory mechanites. With the Royalty DLC installed, it is possible to reach a Sight capacity of up to a maximum of 325% with the addition of the Focus psycast.Content added by the Royalty DLC


Sight has a number of unique interactions with other mechanics, beyond the traditional effects on stats.

Sight provides a 1% bonus to psychic sensitivity for each percentage point below 50% Sight. i.e. 20% Sight results in a bonus of +30% psychic sensitivity, while total blindness at Sight 0% provides +50% sensitivity.

Pawns with 0% Sight:

Affected stats[edit]

Animal Gather SpeedStat0.51The speed at which this person milks, shears, and otherwise gathers resources from animals.
Animal Gather YieldStat0.21The percentage yield someone receives when they shear, milk, or otherwise gather resources from a living animal. Higher percentages reduce the chance of wasting the product.
Butchery EfficiencyStat0.41The amount of meat produced when butchering flesh creatures. The actual amount is also related to the creature's size.
Butchery SpeedStat0.41Speed at which this person butchers flesh creatures.
Construct Success ChanceStat0.21The chance that this person will succeed in constructing something. Failing means wasting time and resources.
Construction SpeedStat0.21Speed at which this person constructs and repairs buildings.
Cooking SpeedStat41.5Speed at which this person cooks meals.
Deep Drilling SpeedStat0.51A speed at which this person uses a deep drill to extract underground resources.
Drug Cooking SpeedStat0.31The speed at which this person brews beer and tea, or makes simple drug products like smokeleaf joints.
Drug Synthesis SpeedStat0.61How fast this character synthesizes complex chemical drugs.
Foraged Food AmountStat0.9-The amount of nutrition this person will automatically forage per day while traveling by caravan.
General Labor SpeedStat0.51The speed at which this person carries out general labor like making stone blocks, making chemfuel at a refinery, burning items, tailoring clothes, creating art, smithing armor and weapons or smelting slag. This stat applies both to activities that involve no skill, as well as those where the skill affects the quality of the product instead of the speed of production.
Hacking SpeedStat0.51.1How fast this person can hack into computer terminals.
Mechanoid Shredding EfficiencyStat0.41The amount of materials yielded when this person shreds a dead mechanoid for resources.
The actual amount is also related to the mechanoid's size.
Mechanoid Shredding SpeedStat0.41The speed at which this person can shred a mechanoid for resources.
Medical Operation SpeedStat0.71The speed at which the character performs medical operations.
Medical Surgery Success ChanceStat11The likelihood that a colonist will succeed when attempting to perform a surgery. The actual success chance is also affected by factors like facilities, room cleanliness, medicine used, the difficulty of the surgery, and inspirations. No matter how high this stat is, there is always a small chance of failure on any operation.
Medical Tend QualityStat0.71.4The base quality of tending given when tending wounds and illnesses.

The actual tend quality will be affected by this stat but also factors like medicine used, facilities, room cleanliness, luck, and so on.

When self-tending, the tend quality is 70% of what it is when tending others.

Higher tend quality will speed the recovery from injury.
Medical Tend SpeedStat0.81Speed at which the character tends to wounds and illnesses.
Melee Dodge ChanceStat81.4Chance to dodge a melee attack that would've otherwise hit. Characters will not dodge while aiming or firing a ranged weapon.
Melee Hit ChanceStat121.5Chance to hit a target in melee. The target can still dodge even if we would've hit.
Mining SpeedStat0.51A speed at which this person mines away walls.
Mining YieldStat0.21The percentage of mined resources a miner will produce. This applies to both wall mining and deep drill mining. This doesn't affect the production rate of rock chunks from deep drills.
Mortar Miss Radius MultiplierStat-11A multiplier on the miss radius of a mortar used by this person. Smaller numbers means more accurate mortar shells.
Plant Harvest YieldStat0.21The yield this person gets when harvesting plants. Low yields give a chance that this person will accidentally waste the harvest.
Plant Work SpeedStat0.31Speed at which this person sows and harvests plants.
Psychic SensitivityStat-1More sensitive people suffer more from negative psychic effects, and benefit more from positive ones. Higher psychic sensitivity also increases neural heat limit.
Repair Success ChanceStat0.21The chance that this person will successfully repair a broken down building using a component. Failing means wasting time and resources. Note that this only applies to repairing breakdowns, which is different from repairing damage.
Research SpeedStat0.51.1How fast this person performs research and how quickly they can find things using scanning equipment.
Shooting AccuracyStat122Base chance to not miss per cell of shot distance. Chance to hit is also affected by many other factors. A hit chance explanation for any shot can be seen by selecting a shooter and mousing over a target.
Smelting SpeedStat0.31The speed at which this person smelts things. Since smelting is dumb labor, smelting speed is not affected by any skill.
Smoothing SpeedStat0.31A multiplier on the speed at which this person smooths rough stone floors and walls.


The following factors affect Sight.

Base factors[edit]

  • Eye efficiency. 100% importance, no allowed defect, no max.
    • The game assigns 75% weight to the stronger eye and 25% weight to the weaker, so entirely losing a single eye reduces sight by 25% rather than 50%.
    • Blindness: 0% part efficiency
    • Cataract: 50% part efficiency. Results in -12.5% sight for the first eye affected, -37.5% for the second eye.
    • Bionic eye: 125% part efficiency. Results in +18.75% sight for the first one installed, +6.25% for the second one.
    • Archotech eye: 150% part efficiency. Results in +37.5% sight for the first one installed, +12.5% for the second one.
Sight Right eye
Blindness Cataract Organic eye Bionic eye Archotech eye
Left eye Blindness 000% 037.5% 075% 093.75% 112.5%
Cataract 037.5% 050% 087.5% 106.25% 125%
Organic eye 075% 087.5% 100% 118.75% 138%
Bionic eye 093.75% 106.25% 118.75% 125% 144.25%
Archotech eye 112.5% 125% 138% 144.25% 150%


The following offsets affect Sight.

Post factors[edit]


(100% Base Sight + 37.5% 1st archotech eye + 12.5% 2nd archotech eye + 15% luciferium + 35% go-juice + 50% sensory mechanites) * 1.3 psycast Focus effect = 325%