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A character's capacities are determined by their health and may affect their stats. Factors that may affect capacities include artificial body parts, drugs, diseases and injuries.

Pawn capacityDescription
Blood FiltrationA character's ability to fight off diseases. Affects consciousness and immunity gain speed.
Blood PumpingHow well a creature can move blood around its body. Affects consciousness and moving.
BreathingThe ability of a character to breathe. Affects consciousness and movement.
ConsciousnessThe state or quality of awareness. A pawn loses consciousness when this falls below 30%, and dies when this reaches 0%.
EatingA character's ability to eat.
HearingHow well a creature can detect sound waves. It improves social and trade prices.
ManipulationHow well a character can physically interact with objects. Directly affected by consciousness and arms/hands/fingers effectiveness.
MetabolismHow well a creature's body converts food reserves into energy to sustain life. Metabolism influences the rest rate multiplier at 30% weight.
MovingHow well a character can move around. Directly affected by consciousness.
PainHow much pain a person feels.
SightHow well a character can see.
TalkingA character's capacity of speech. Directly affected by consciousness.