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AI Storytellers + Cassandra creates story events on a steadily-increasing curve of challenge and tension.  +, Phoebe gives lots of time between disasters to relax and build your colony. But beware - if she's set at a high challenge scale, she'll hit as hard as anyone.  +, Randy doesn't follow rules. He'll generate random events, and he doesn't care if they make a story of triumph or utter hopelessness. It's all drama to him.  +
AI persona core +A hyper-advanced computer core that houses a superhumanlike artificial intelligence. In its isolated state the core is dormant. Installed in a proper support structure, however, it can become a mind of frightening power.  +
Addictiveness +How addictive a [[Drugs|drug]] is.  +
Advanced Weapons + "Incendiary bolt launcher. Starts fires."  +, "Phase-charging energy projectile rifle."  +
Advanced component +High-quality electronic equipment, miniaturized and hardened for the most stressful applications.  +
Advanced helmet + "A lightweight combat helmet with a complex design, reinforced with plasteel. Not effective against blunt attacks."  +
Agave +A large-leafed desert plant with edible flowers and stalks.  +
Agave fruit +Raw agave fruit.  +
Aiming Time +How long it takes to strike after aiming.  +
Alocasia +A common broadleaf tropical plant.  +
Alpaca + "A medium-sized ungulate closely related to the llama, the alpaca is often farmed for its remarkably soft wool."  +
Alpaca wool +The remarkably soft wool of an alpaca. It is very warm.  +
Alpacahide +Leather made from the skin of an alpaca.  +
Alphabeaver + A large beaver derivative genetically engineered to harvest wood with machine-like efficiency. In the absence of specialized feed, these animals will enter a manic state that compels them to eat trees whole.  +
Ambrosia +A soft fruit. Ambrosia has a wonderful smell and taste, and produces a soft chemical high, which increases mood. However, it is slightly addictive if eaten too often.  +
Ambrosia bush +A rarely-sprouting bush which yields the ambrosia fruit. Ambrosia is pleasurable to eat and produces a slightly addictive chemical warmth effect.  +
Ancient concrete barrier + A traffic management solution from long ago.  +
Ancient lamppost + Road lighting from long ago. No longer functional.  +
Animal Gather Speed +Speed at which this character is faster at gathering wool or milk.  +
Animal Product Yield +This value makes this character more/less likely to waste the product when gathering wool or milk.  +
Animal bed + A soft bed for animals to sleep on. Fits any animal.  +
Animal sleeping box + A small box for animals to sleep in. Fits smaller animals like chickens, cats, or small dogs.  +
Animal sleeping spot + Designates a spot on the ground where people should sleep. Not comfortable.  +
Antigrain warhead +A tiny ultra-tech warhead usually used by spacecraft or glitterworld war machines. Powered by a grain of antimatter, it creates a huge explosion and starts fires around the target. Can be fired from mortars or installed as a trap. Explodes when damaged.  +
Arctic fox + A small predator adapted for the far north. It usually hunts small game like mice and voles, sometimes burrowing through a meter of snow to reach its prey.  +
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