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Stat NameDescription
Blood FiltrationA character's ability to fight off diseases. Affects consciousness and immunity gain speed.
Blood PumpingHow well a creature can move blood around its body. Affects consciousness and moving.
BreathingThe ability of a character to breathe. Affects consciousness and movement.
ConsciousnessThe state or quality of awareness. A pawn loses consciousness when this falls below 30%, and dies when this reaches 0%.
DigestionHow well a creature's body converts food reserves into energy to sustain life. Digestion influences the rest rate multiplier at 30% weight.
EatingA character's ability to eat.
HearingHow well a creature can detect sound waves. It improves social and trade prices.
ManipulationHow well a character can physically interact with objects. Directly affected by consciousness and arms/hands/fingers effectiveness.
MovingHow well a character can move around. Directly affected by consciousness.
PainHow much pain a person feels.
SightHow well a character can see.
TalkingA character's capacity of speech. Directly affected by consciousness.

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