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Train Animal Chance is a stat: The base chance this person will make progress training an animal on a given attempt. The actual chance for a given attempt will also depend on the animal's wildness, whether it is bonded with the trainer, and so on.


  • Animals: 10% plus 5% per skill level.
  • Talking: 70% importance, 20% allowed defect. Max 100%
  • Hearing: 30% importance, 5% allowed defect. Max 100%
  • Manipulation: 50% importance, 20% allowed defect. Max 100%


In practice, the final tame chance is a function of both the animal's Wildness and the handler's Train Animal Chance. There are currently two theories for this relationship and it is currently unclear which, if either, is correct.

Theory 1:

  • If the Wildness is 50%, the above holds true. If lower than 50%, the chance of taming is higher - double for an animal with 0% Wildness. If higher, the chance is lower - impossible for an animal with 100% Wildness.

Theory 2:

  • The final train chance is equal to the Handler's train animal chance * (1.5 - the Animal's wildness)
  • If the handler and animal are bonded, mutiply this value by 5.