Eltex staff

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Eltex staff

Eltex staff

"An ultratech staff threaded with psychic focusing materials. While it is a solid melee weapon, its main purpose is to enhance the wielder's psychic sensitivity and neural heat dissipation, allowing more use of psychic powers."

Market Value
2000 Silver.png
1.2 kg
Dmg Type
Attack 1
12 dmg (blunt)
2.6 seconds cooldown
18% armor penetration
Melee Average DPS
Melee Average AP

The Eltex Staff is a DLC melee weapon that benefits those using it who can use Psycasts by enabling them to use their powers more frequently.


Eltex Staffs can be purchased from any combat supplier or war merchant or obtained as a quest reward, once you have the Royalty DLC active. You cannot craft this item.


A normal eltex staff improves a pawns Psychic Sensitivity by 50%, and improves the Psychic entropy recovery rate by 2.5 per 30 seconds. This effect scales with quality making for a powerful buff to a psycaster's abilities especially at higher qualities. However its potential as a weapon is limited with the second lowest DPS of any melee weapon, just barely better than Beer. The eltex staff cannot be equipped by a pawn incapable of violence.

As the Eltex staff makes a rather poor melee weapon, and with a full psycaster set (Eltex robe, Eltex shirt, Eltex vest, Eltex helmet) your pawn will have little armour, it's a good idea to keep them in the back as a "support" pawn.

An Eltex robe improves a pawns Neural heat recovery rate by 2.5 per 30 seconds, and their Psychic Sensitivity an amount dependent on the quality.

Quality Melee DPS Melee AP Psychic Sensitivity Neural Heat Recovery Rate
Awful 3.69 14% 25 0.08
Poor 4.15 16% 33 0.08
Normal 4.62 18% 42 0.08
Good 5.08 20% 50 0.08
Excellent 5.54 22% 58 0.08
Masterwork 6.69 26% 66 0.08
Legendary 7.62 30% 75 0.08


Bestowers always spawn with an eltex staff.

Version history

  • Introduced in the initial release of the Royalty DLC
  • 1.1.2647 - renamed from Psyfocus staff.
  • 1.2.2719 - Psychic sensitivity now scales with quality.