Psychic animal pulser

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Psychic animal pulser

Psychic animal pulser

One-use artifact that drives all animals in the region into a manhunting rage.

Market Value
750 Silver.png
0.5 kg

Psychic animal pulser is a single-use artifact, which can be used to drive all wild animals on the map into a manhunter rage. It can be used by right-clicking the artifact and selecting 'Activate'. Animals will attack all humans, who are outside, but they won't attack closed doors (even if there are humans behind them). The effect lasts from several hours to up to 24 hours (dependent on the animal).


Psychic animal pulser can be purchased or found in ancient shrines.


By enclosing all your colonists in a closed room with no doors, you can safely use this item to devastate enemy outposts that are in animal-rich areas.

In animal-rich biomes, you may use this for additional power to defeat humanlike raids, though be aware that the mad animals are just as likely to target your colonists as well. This works up until midgame (or early-midgame on higher difficulties), after which enemies will be too numerous for wildlife to take care of alone.

Version history

  • 1.1ish - received new visual and sound effects on use
  • 1.1.2562 - Now only affects non-player animals.