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Faction bases are sites where factions settle. This feature was first seen in Alpha 16, where rudimentary bases were generated. Both enemy and friendly factions alike can be raided by your colonists, upon which a map for the encounter will be created.


Faction bases consist of random constructs, all surrounded by sandbags.

As of Alpha 17 they now utilize power and can have turrets, or the occasional mortar. Bases are also more well-designed. The game uses a "grammar system" that incorporates indoor and outdoor parts in order to generate a base. The following components may show up as part of a faction base, and can be found in the developer tools under "Tool: BaseGen."

Indoor and Outdoor Areas[edit]

Indoor rooms are spawned as one large interconnected area. Outdoor areas will still have indoor rooms, although rooms may spread out with exposed walkways between. Light sources and power appear depending on faction type, with standing lamps used by more advanced factions and tribals dependent on torches and passive coolers. Tribal walls are made of wood, whereas other factions make use of stronger walls.

Upon entering the site, all indoor areas are hidden until player pawns enter.


A room with multiple beds or sleeping spots. Beds always spawn as normal quality.

Dining Room[edit]

A room with small tables and dining chairs generated, both of varying quality. Sometimes there will be uneaten simple meals or pemmican left on the table.


Storage room with random collections of items. Stockpiles can hold weapons, gear, food, drugs, and other items. These will all spawn as forbidden. Type of loot depend on the faction:

  • Tribes - mostly resources. Wood, minerals, herbal medicine, cloth, devilcloth and food.
    • Neanderthal - garbage only.
    • Impid -
  • Outlanders - vast majority of industrial level loot, like drugs, components, matherials, medicine, hyperwave, silver, steel, food and artifacts (mech serums, neurotrainers..).
    • Pigs -
  • Pirates - mostly garbage. bad-quality weapons, some silver, rarely components and artifacts.
  • Empire - the same as outlanders, with additional of spacer-level loot. Psylink neuroformers and spacer components.

Battery Room[edit]

A room full of batteries, neatly spaced. These are exclusive to non-tribal factions.


An outdoor farm plot consisting of a single plant type and sometimes an indoor 2x2 stockpile of the plant matter in the corner.


Non-tribal factions will use solar panels and batteries.


A room with prisoners. A lot of them are on pirate bases. Can be both from factions hostile to this one, or single and ancients. Prisoners of a faction hostile to players will not attack. If the door is left open, they will run away. Some of them will join the player's colony when freed.


Non-tribal factions make use of perimeter sandbags, mini-turrets, and even mortars. Once defeated, a base's turrets can be safely claimed to disable firing at friendly pawns and even turn them to your side, shooting at escaping hostiles.

These can be uninstalled and brought back to your colony, though it is not recommended due to their heavy weight.


Enemies will spawn in the base hostile to player pawns. If unspotted, they will not attack immediately. However, once someone gets killed or downed, the enemy will immediately notice and will proceed to charge towards your attackers.

Similar to raids, once a threshold of the enemy has been defeated, they will flee and abandon their base, upon which the player will be able to claim the faction base as their own. After 24 hours, the player must reform the caravan and leave the site.[Fact Check]


For friendly bases you can send a caravan to visit it instead, opening the opportunity to trade.

Faction bases have an extensive inventory consisting of most item categories, and they buy most items. Their inventory restocks 30 days after you visit them.

Version history[edit]

  • 1.2.2719 - Empire Content added by the Royalty DLC bases will have a shuttle pad, often with a shuttle on it about to take off.
  • 1.3.3066 - NPC shuttle pads now always use concrete or paved tiles as flooring.
  • 1.4.3534 - Fix: Yttakin settlements can have mortars manned by animals.