Solar generator

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Solar generator

Solar generator

Produces electricity from sunlight. Does not work in the dark.

4 ˣ 4
+ 1700W
Cover Effectiveness
Resources to make
Steel 100 + Component 3
Deconstruct yield
Steel 75 + Component 2

A solar generator provides up to 1700W of power from sunlight. It has much smaller space requirements than a wind turbine but provides no power at night or during an eclipse. It can be placed in a wind turbine's exclusion zone with no effect on the turbine. Solar generators may be protected by surrounding them with walls, but they must stay unroofed to operate.

Power output is a direct product of the daytime light level. For example, at 50% daylight a solar generator produces 850W of its 1700W maximum. Batteries are a useful supplement to solar generators since they will store power during the day and keep the base online through the night.

Solar generators only operate by the world light level; light from ordinary sources such as a standing lamp or sun lamp will not work on them. The latitude of your starting position will affect solar cycles, with equator zones giving the strong consistent output and the north pole struggling to reach peak output.

Lightning striking causes it to generate a small amount of power.