Passive cooler

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Passive cooler

Passive cooler

A traditional unpowered cooler that works by water evaporation. Will run out and self-destruct after several days.

1 ˣ 1
Cover Effectiveness
Wood 50

The passive cooler is a low-tech alternative to the cooler, a construction that absorbs heat from interior spaces at a rate of 19.8°F (11°C) per second. It does not require power or any advanced materials, but will run out of fuel in 5 game days and must be restocked with 50 wood (the same as the build cost) to continue working.

Passive coolers cannot lower the temperature below 59°F (15°C), so they cannot preserve food like electric coolers, but they can protect your colonists from extreme heat. They require research to be built, though tribal colonies start with the research already completed.

Version history

This temperature item was included in the Alpha 15 release on August, 28th 2016. Based on real life evaporative coolers.

In Beta 19, the passive cooler no longer self-destructs when it runs out of fuel, but instead waits to be restocked.