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Rough concrete. It is cheap and quick to build, but is also quite ugly.

Base Stats

Market Value
2.3 Silver


1 × 1
Cleaning Time Multiplier
Filth Multiplier
Move Speed Factor


Required Research
Work To Make
100 ticks (1.67 secs)
Resources to make
Steel 1
Deconstruct yield
Steel 0 - 1

Concrete is a cheap and fireproof flooring.


Concrete can be constructed once the Stonecutting research project has been completed. Each tile requires Steel 1 Steel and 100 ticks (1.67 secs) of work.


Concrete has a −1 beauty penalty per tile. Cleaning filth on it takes only 80% the work. It is otherwise unremarkable flooring, being fireproof and not penalizing walk speed.


Concrete is cheap, very easy to lay, and quick to clean. Despite using steel, a valuable resource, the actual cost is very affordable.

  • Smoothing stone is free, but takes much more work to create.
  • Compared to wood floor, concrete actually has less Market Value. And unlike wood, concrete is not flammable. For many colonies, you can easily get steel from steel ore.
  • Compared to just keeping a dirt floor, concrete has a cost, but is cleaner by default, which improves medical outcomes and research speed. Dirt floor also has a move speed penalty, and indoor dirt has a higher beauty penalty than concrete.

Concrete is less beautiful than other floors, but if your colonists didn't need the mood, it doesn't really matter. Outdoors, the beauty penalty of concrete is negligible. Concrete can be placed like flagstone to improve walking speed, used as a 2-tile wide fire barrier to protect buildings and crops, or put underneath wind turbines to prevent tree growth.

Indoors, concrete's beauty can be countered by using sculptures. Assuming you have a decent artist, concrete with sculptures is one of the most resource efficient and wealth efficient ways of gaining beauty. See below for details.

With sculptures[edit]

With a decent artist, concrete + large sculptures are often cheaper and more beautiful than the more expensive floors. A normal quality, wood large sculpture costs Wood 100 wood and is equal to 100 paved tiles (Steel 100 steel). Most types of stone sculpture are more beautiful. Higher quality sculptures are even more beautiful. As all the beauty is concentrated into 1 tile, sculptures are also better at increasing the pawn beauty need.

Note that sculptures do take up a tile of space. In small rooms, like bedrooms, space makes a huge impact on Impressiveness, meaning that more expensive flooring has a purpose. Sculptures can also be destroyed.

Both daylilies and jade fences are even more wealth efficient than sculptures, but this doesn't change the fact that concrete remains the cheapest flooring (and thus remains the best with daylilies/jade fences). Note that options take up a lot more space, and thus worse at increasing pawn beauty need.

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