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Carpet comes in 5 different colors; this example is "cream".

Base Stats

Market Value
13 Silver


1 ˣ 1
Move Speed Factor


Required Research
Carpet making
Work To Make
800 ticks (13.33 secs)
Resources to make
Cloth 7
Deconstruct yield
Cloth 3 - 4

Carpet is a type of flooring made with cloth. Carpet has 100% walk speed and 2 beauty each, meaning it can cause a "pleasant environment" happy thought in sufficient amounts. They are also flammable as of Alpha 17.

They require Carpet making to have been researched in order to be available.

In the core game, there are currently five colors of carpet, differing only in their color and description. They are:

Red carpet / Green carpet / Blue carpet / Cream carpet / Dark carpet
  • Red carpet: Plush carpet in a lovely rose hue.

  • Green carpet: Naturalistic-feeling green carpet. Earth tones, dude.

  • Blue carpet: Toe-hugging plush carpet in a cool blue color.

  • Cream carpet: Inviting cream-colored carpet.

  • Dark carpet: Professional-looking dark gray carpet.

  • Acquisition

    Constructing carpet requires Carpet making to be researched. Color is chosen at the time of construction. Each tile requires Cloth 7 cloth.


    With a Beauty of 2, carpets can quickly upgrade a "mediocre" room to an "impressive" one, perfect for those troublesome greedy colonists.

    Carpet can be particularly useful in the desert where wood is hard to come by or when you might not want to use up all your precious metals. Starting a cloth farm is pretty easy, especially if you have hydroponics researched, and if you don't have the time to spare or the skill to smooth floors, it's a nice substitute. Players also use this to color code rooms, for their own benefit.

    Version history

    Royalty DLC carpets

    Additionally, the Royalty DLC introduced Fine carpets, which require more work and more resources but provide additional beauty (4, vs. 2) and meet the requirements for nobility Content added by the Royalty DLC. There are currently three types of fine carpet, differing only in their color and description. They are:

    Fine burgundy carpet / Fine indigo carpet / Fine white carpet
  • Fine burgundy carpet: Classic burgundy carpet for that classic rich look.

  • Fine indigo carpet: Soft and silky indigo carpet, for that extra sense of pomp.

  • Fine white carpet: Sublime white carpet, glimmering with subtle patterns.