Fine carpet

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Fine carpet

Fine carpet

Luxurious, ornately-patterned carpet made from fibers dyed a single color. Beautiful to look at, but cleaning it is a labor-intensive process.

Base Stats

Market Value
67 Silver


1 × 1
Cleaning Time Multiplier
Filth Multiplier
Move Speed Factor


Required Research
Carpet making
Skill Required
Construction 6
Work To Make
4,000 ticks (1.11 mins)
Resources to make
Cloth 35
Deconstruct yield
Cloth 17 - 18

Fine Carpet is a type of flooring introduced in the Royalty DLC, to expand on the basic carpet of the core game. It has 100% walk speed and a higher beauty of 4 (vs. standard carpet's 2 beauty), meaning it can cause a "pleasant environment" happy thought in sufficient amounts. Like the basic carpet, Fine carpet has a flammability of 32% and a cleaning time of 200%.

When fine carpet burns it leaves burned carpet behind.

Fine carpets require more work and more resources than regular carpets but provide additional beauty and meet the requirements for nobility Content added by the Royalty DLC.

When constructing fine carpet, 63 unique shades can be selected by the player, which serve as a visual adjustment only.


Fine carpet can be constructed once the Carpet making research project has been completed. Color is chosen at the time of construction with no additional cost. Each tile requires Cloth 35 Cloth, 4,000 ticks (1.11 mins) of work, and a Construction skill of 6.


As a regular floor, fine carpets are quite beautiful, but work and resource intensive. While its a good way to train construction skill as, besides failure, there is no penalty for low skill constructors, their use as actual flooring is limited outside of player preference. It requires significantly less work to construct regular carpet and sculptures to improve room beauty.

Fine flooring[edit]

All fine floors are resource intensive, but one is required for creating rooms for non-Ascetic nobles. The viability of fine carpet depends on how easy it is to grow cloth.

Against fine stone tiles, fine carpet has +1 beauty, takes less work to build, but is at twice the wealth. Cloth takes less work to grow than stone, assuming it is available. However, stone isn't flammable and requires only 80% work to clean, x2.5 less work than carpet. Fire can mostly be handled by firefoam poppers, though they need to be replaced. This makes the tiles largely interchangeable for royal rooms outside of combat zones, and rooms that don't see a lot of foot traffic. If you've combined your dining / recreation / throne rooms together, then use stone tiles; they are easier to clean and more defensible against drop pod attacks.

Silver tiles are surprisingly competitive. They have the same beauty, and silver is only 6 Silver more expensive. However, silver tile has a 0.2 cleanliness bonus, requires only 60% clean time (3.33x less than carpet), and is much faster to construct. Cotton itself depends on colony climate and Plants skill or traders, while silver can be mined, deep drilled or traded for - if the cloth needs to be bought, then silver usually comes out ahead. Even with a cloth industry, silver can compete with fine carpet.

For gold tiles, using gold sculptures with silver or fine stone tiles is typically superior. Gold itself is not easy to obtain, negating most of the benefits of the tile.

Version history[edit]

  • Royalty DLC release - added.
  • 1.4.3523 - Cleaning time factor added and color system overhauled. Previously there were only 3 different colors with independent descriptions. Burgundy, Classic burgundy carpet for that classic rich look., Indigo, Soft and silky indigo carpet, for that extra sense of pomp., White, Sublime white carpet, glimmering with subtle patterns. Now there is one description: Luxurious, ornately-patterned carpet made from fibers dyed a single color. Beautiful to look at, but cleaning it is a labor-intensive process.