Stone tile

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Stone tile

Stone tile

Carefully-cut and fit stone tiles for a castle feeling. They are pretty to look at, but they take a long time to lay.

Base Stats

Market Value


1 × 1
Cleaning Time Multiplier
Filth Multiplier
Move Speed Factor


Required Research
Skill Required
Construction 3
Work To Make
1,100 ticks (18.33 secs)
Stuff Tags
Resources to make
Stuff 4
Deconstruct yield
Stuff 2

Stone tile are one of the floors that can be constructed, with a choice of granite, limestone, marble, sandstone, or slate.


Constructing stone tiles of any type requires Stonecutting to be researched. Each tile requires Stuff 4 Stuff (Stony), 1,100 ticks (18.33 secs), and a construction skill of 3.


Stone tiles add +1 beauty per tile, and cleaning filth takes 80% the work. They are not flammable and do not penalize walk speed.

All stone tiles have the same stats and differ only in name and color; even marble has the same beauty value, despite its higher beauty when used for other buildings.


Stone tiles share a similar role to concrete, paved tiles, and flagstone, as reasonably cheap and general use flooring. Compared to those floors, stone tile should be used if colonist time or stone blocks are at an excess.

Stone is a reasonably common material, and stone tile only requires Stonecutting. Stone tiles are reasonably impressive flooring that can be constructed early in a colony's life, as opposed to more beautiful flooring like carpet and fine stone tileContent added by the Royalty DLC.

Compared to sculptures[edit]

Creating sculptures can be more efficient for beauty, so long as you have a competent artist.

For 100 Stuff, you could create 25 stone tiles, or +25 beauty (+50 relative to concrete). The same material can make a stone large sculpture; a normal quality sculpture is anywhere from +100 (granite, limestone) to +170 (marble) beauty. Even a poor quality sculpture, with half the beauty, can beat stone tiles. The sculpter would take more work: up to 180,000 ticks (50 mins) work, but paving 100 stone tiles would cost 110,000 ticks (30.56 mins) of work (for Construction 8).

  • Wood is easier to work with (taking 21,000 ticks (5.83 mins) of work for large sculpture), is a generally easier material to obtain, and has the same beauty as granite. Therefore, using wood is even better than stone for this purpose.

However, sculptures have a key drawback - they reduce a room's space. Stone tiles add to both beauty and wealth, without impacting effective space. This can be relevant for smaller rooms like bedrooms. Making rooms more cramped reduces impressiveness - both directly, and by reducing the impact of beauty on impressiveness. So in small rooms, stone tiles can be an effective installation. In large, barracks + dining room + rec room structures, sculptures end up being more efficient choice.

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