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Floor improvements can bring benefits such as mobility speed, aesthetic comfort and hygiene, as well as prevent wild plants from growing and fires from spreading.

Movement speed

Soil grows vegetation such as grass, bushes and trees, all of which cause a walking speed reduction for Colonists. Other natural surfaces incapable of growing vegetation such as sand or ice also have low movement speeds. Flooring a frequent path will reduce the time required to walk between the two ends.

Beauty of room

Colonists are affected in mood according to their surroundings, especially those locations where they spend most of the day or night such as a bedroom, kitchen, workshop, research lab, etc. Carpets for instance can make bedrooms look nicer for their occupants.

Sanitation / Safety

Flooring is an important factor when calculating a room's Cleanliness, which is important for most rooms but particularly for kitchens, hospitals and laboratories.

Tiles with a cleanliness bonus bring better success rates in hospitalized quarters as they help prevent the posssibility of infection. Non-flammable flooring helps prevent fire advance to its tile while also protecting underground electrical conducts damage by weather.

No plant growth

Any flooring placed outdoors will prevent grass, bushes or trees from spreading there. This can be useful to keep any trees from growing in the path of a wind turbine and reducing its power output. Surrounding fields with flooring will prevent trees growing there, which your growers must clear first before they sow nearby. It can also be used to create fire breaks to keep wildfires from spreading to your base if non-flammable materials were used.

Flooring can even help with security in certain biomes. While giving a movement bonus to raiders, covering your killbox in flooring will prevent any trees growing there for raiders to take cover behind.

Types of Flooring

There are several different types of flooring available, with each requiring specific resources to construct each tile.

Type Materials Resources Per Square Beauty Move Speed Modifier Flammability Cleanliness Wealth
Wood floor Wood 3 Wood 0 100 22 0 3.9
Carpet Cloth 7 Cloth 2 100 32 0 13.38
Sterile tile Silver/Steel 12 Silver & 3 Steel 0 100 0 +0.6 23.5
Stone tile Sandstone, Granite, Limestone, Slate or Marble 4 Stone 1 100 0 0 8
Flagstone Sandstone, Granite, Limestone, Slate or Marble 4 Stone 0 100 0 0 5.5
Silver tile Silver 70 Silver 5 100 0 +0.2 73
Metal tile Steel 7 Steel 1 100 0 +0.2 16
Paved tile Steel 2 Steel 0 100 0 0 5
Concrete Steel 1 Steel -1 100 0 0 2
Gold tile Gold 70Gold.png 12 100 0 +0.2 705
Smooth stone Natural Stone Floor Free 2 100 0 0 8
Fine carpet Cloth 35Cloth.png 4 100 32 0 67
Fine tile Sandstone, Granite, Limestone, Slate or Marble 20 Stone 3 100 0 0 36
rough stone Natural Stone Floor 0 -1 87 0 ? ?

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