Gold tile

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Gold tile

Gold tile

For overbearing extravagance, nothing beats gold tiles. They are exceptionally expensive, and exceptionally beautiful, and people will think you're exceptionally snobbish if you actually live on them.

Base Stats

Market Value
705 Silver


1 ˣ 1
Move Speed Factor


Required Research
Skill Required
Construction 3
Work To Make
800 ticks (13.33 secs)
Resources to make
Gold 70
Deconstruct yield
Gold 35

Gold tile is one of several types of floor that can be constructed. It provides the most Beauty of any flooring type in-game, however, it is also the most expensive. For users of the Royalty DLC, it is considered a fine tile.

Gold tiles also has a 0.2 cleanliness value.


Gold tiles can be constructed once the Smithing research project has been completed. Each tile requires Gold 70 Gold, 800 ticks (13.33 secs) of work, and a Construction skill of 3.


Gold tiles are generally impractical for most colonies. Each tile adds Silver 705 silver to colony Wealth and the beauty provided by each tile is significantly less, 5% or 10%, than the beauty provided by a sculpture of around the same value. Conversely, a single gold small sculpture uses the same amount of gold as 7.1 gold tiles but provides the beauty of 18.3 tiles at only Normal quality. Thus, the gold is much better used for other uses.

Theoretically however, there are two primary use cases for gold tile, namely general flooring and fine flooring for meeting the room requirements of nobles Content added by the Royalty DLC.

General Flooring

Compared to other floors, they are the most beautiful by a large margin, but are extraordinarily expensive and add a massive amount of Wealth to the colony. While it is an easy-to-defend way to improve area beauty and cleanliness as it cannot typically be destroyed without player intervention, their practical use as flooring is essentially limited to of player preference. As noted above it is vastly more more efficient to construct sculptures to improve room beauty in most circumstances.

Like silver tiles, they technically could have merit for use in defensive areas, such as killboxes, where non-flammability is important, where more beauty will improve the mood of colonists in combat and help prevent mental breaks occuring at inopportune times, but where sculptures would be at risk of destruction. However, silver tiles are much more cost effective in this role, offering 40% of the beauty for only 10% of the market value.

Fine Flooring

Gold tiles do have advantages over fine carpets and fine stone tiles. Gold tiles offer significantly higher beauty than both (12 vs 4 and 3 respectively), a cleanliness bonus, non-flammability, are significantly faster to construct, and only require a construction skill of 3 instead of 6. This means they're easier to make impressive rooms out of, and to keep them impressive when they inevitably get filthy. The cleanliness-improving effects are most important in very high-impressiveness rooms. Impressiveness values weight heavily towards the lowest stat, and aside from silver tile there are no other ways to improve a room's cleanliness while keeping it fine-floored.

Also of note, the research required for gold tiles, Smithing, is very important to game progression and is likely to be unlocked anyway. Fine stone tiles requires the similar vital Stonecutting, but fine carpets requires Carpet Making which will not be a priority in many

However, their cost - both in terms of acquisition and effect on colony colony wealth is significant - there is essentially no reason to use gold tiles over using the other alternatives and spending the remaining wealth or materials on sculptures to more than make up for the lost beauty and impressiveness. Even a relatively low skilled artist can turn the surplus gold into sculptures of sufficient quality to improve the room stats beyond that of the gold tiles.

This also holds true in comparison to the last fine floor, silver tiles. They are also similarly quick to lay, have the same cleanliness bonus, and require the same skill and research. While they have a lower beauty value of 5, silver tiles are much more cost effective, offering 40% of the beauty for only 10% of the market value

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