Wood floor

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Wood floor

Wood floor

Wood plank flooring for that warm, homey feeling. While it is quick to lay, it is also very flammable.

Base Stats

Market Value
3.9 Silver [Note]


1 × 1
Cleaning Time Multiplier
Filth Multiplier
Move Speed Factor


Work To Make
85 ticks (1.42 secs)
Resources to make
Wood 3
Deconstruct yield
Wood 1 - 2

Wood floor is a one of the most basic floors that can be constructed. It is flammable, but cheap and quick to lay even with low skilled pawns.


Each tile of wood floor constructed requires Wood 3 Wood and 85 ticks (1.42 secs) of work.


Wood floor gives no beauty positive or malus. Cleaning filth on it takes 100% the work, and like other constructed floors, there is no movement penalty. Wood floor is flammable and it leaves burned wood floor behind when it burns.


Wood floor is clean, more beautiful than dirt floor, rough stone, or concrete, and does not slow walk speed like natural terrain. Wood is plentiful in most biomes, as opposed to concrete and paved tile, which require the high-demand steel. It is more tolerant of low-skill constructors, as little is lost in case of failure. Most other floors require at least Stonecutting researched, which New Tribes do not start with.

Wood floors should be phased out after the early game, however, due to the fire risk. Its flammability may only be 22%, much lower than the 100% flammability of a wood wall, but fire will still rapidly spread over a fully covered room with wood floors. This can result in devastating losses of structures, items, and even pawns. Stone tiles are an upgrade; they are nonflammable, more beautiful than wood, and stone is often as common as wood. However, cutting stone blocks and laying the tiles will take a fair bit of work.


An alternative is to simply not build a floor. Rough floor slows colonists down, reduced Cleanliness will hurt any medical-related work, and rooms will be less impressive. However, dirt only has -1.0 Cleanliness; it takes at least -2.0 Cleanliness for the food poisoning chance to be more. If your colonists are happy enough in the dirt, then the fire risk can be forgone.

Concrete is another viable alternative. Despite requiring the aforementioned steel, it actually has a lower Market Value than wood floor. In many maps, compacted steel is plentiful enough to use on flooring. In addition, concrete is nonflammable while being 25% faster to clean. The beauty malus is often overstated; it can be tolerated, especially with use of sculptures. If beauty is a concern, then paved tile can be used as a functional upgrade to both wood floor and concrete.

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