Straw matting

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Straw matting

Straw matting

Rough straw matting for use in animal barns. It is cheap and accepts very little filth.

Base Stats

Market Value
1.6 Silver


1 ˣ 1
Move Speed Factor


Work To Make
120 ticks (2 secs)
Resources to make
Hay 2
Deconstruct yield
Hay 1

Straw matting is a type of floor that prevents the creation of 95% of the filth that would otherwise be created on it.


Each tile of straw matting constructed requires Hay 2 Hay and 120 ticks (2 secs) of work.


Straw matting reduces the amount of filth created by any pawn, animal or human, walking or being on it by 95%.*

It is also very flammable. It not just by far the most flammable flooring, but one of the most flammable structures in general. Precautions should be taken in case of fire in areas where this is a risk, but it can also be exploited by making intentional fire traps.


This type of floor should be placed in any enclosed area that animals, especially farm animals, are allowed to enter. Care should be taken however - while it may be tempting to give any hauling animals paths to the warehouse where they will create minimal filth, it also essentially provides a wick directly to the same warehouse full of valuable items in the event of a fire.

A compromise would be to use matting with "fire breaks", either non-flammable walls and doors or areas of at least 3-tiles wide of non-flammable flooring at least 3 tiles wide, to minimize the spread of any fire.


Kitchens may seem an odd use for straw matting given the inherent cleanliness penalty that it provides, however, unlike research, doctoring, or biosculptingContent added by the Ideology DLC, food poisoning is not directly proportionally scaled to cleanliness. Instead, the chance of food poisoning for a given cook only starts to increase once the room's cleanliness drops below -2.0.

Straw matting's -0.1 cleanliness rating is significantly above this threshold. Thus, while straw matting requires less filth present than a cleanliness neutral floor to cause food poisoning, only 1/20th of the filth being created in the first place means that it still takes significantly more time for this threshold to be met. It also means that less work total is required to maintain the room than regular floors.

This makes straw matting a very work efficient, if exceedingly flammable, method of reducing food poisoning.

This can even be paired with placing steel or sterile tiles in areas where filth does not or cannot accumulate, such as under stoves or chairs. This increases the overall base cleanliness of the room, while retaining the filth repellent nature of the straw matting in traffic areas.

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