Wind turbine

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Wind turbine

Wind turbine

A wind-powered electrical generator. Requires a large clear space in front and behind for optimal air flow.

Base Stats

Market Value
265 Silver [Note]
Path Cost


7 × 2
pass through only
Cover Effectiveness
Blocks Wind
Terrain Affordance
2300 W


Required Research
Skill Required
Construction 4
Work To Make
3,300 ticks (55 secs)
Resources to make
Steel 100 + Component 2
Deconstruct yield
Steel 50 + Component 1
Destroy yield
Steel 25 + Component 0 - 1

Wind turbines generate a variable amount of power directly proportional to the wind speed.


Wind turbines can be constructed once the Electricity research project has been completed. They require Steel 100 Steel, Component 2 Components, 3,300 ticks (55 secs) of work, and a Construction skill of 4.


Wind turbines generate a variable amount of power based on the current wind speed, which in turn is based on ranges set by the current Weather. The wattage is directly proportional to the windspeed. They output 2300W at 100% wind speed, and 3450 W at 150% wind speed, the maximum. Wind direction is not a factor, so orientation of the turbines doesn't matter; they will spin equally well in any direction.

Like all generators, each tile of a wind turbine counts as a power conduit. Turbines directly adjacent to each other will connect (see Fig. 1), and appliances within 6 tiles can connect to any tile of a turbine

Exclusion zone[edit]

The wind turbine's exclusion zone (7ˣ18 white rectangle) is visible when the turbine is selected, or when placing the wind turbine blueprint. Any trees, mountains, roofs, and most buildings will reduce the turbine's output by 20% - five obstructed tiles reduce power to 0. The exclusion zone of several turbines may overlap, so long as the turbine building itself isn't in any of the zones.

Low-lying objects like solar generators and shelves can be placed without hindering the turbine's operation, and are an efficient use of space. Growing zones (if not set to trees) or artificial flooring can also be used to prevent wild trees from growing.

The following objects block wind turbines, and are not low-lying:

2 turbines unobstructed. The solar generator does not block the turbines.

Wind speed[edit]

Label Time of year Temperature range [1] Wind speed Wind speed modifier
Clear Any Any None to Moderate 100%
Fog Any Any None to Calm 50%
Rain Any °C – 100 °C (32 °F – 212 °F) Calm to Moderate 80%
Dry Thunderstorm Any Any Moderate to Extreme 150%
Rainy Thunderstorm Any Any Moderate to Extreme 150%
Foggy rain Any Any None to Calm 150%
Hard snow Mainly Winter -270 °C – -0.5 °C (-454 °F – 31.1 °F) None to Moderate 150%
Soft snow Mainly Winter -270 °C – -0.5 °C (-454 °F – 31.1 °F) None to Moderate 150%
Flashstorm Any Any None to moderate None
  1. Can continue even if the temperature exits the appropriate range, once started.


Wind turbines are a renewable (i.e, maintenance-free) source of energy, and have the advantage of requiring no research past Electricity. Both wood-fired generators and chemfuel generators will constantly require a source of fuel.

Wind itself is fairly inconsistent in terms of power, but this problem can be mitigated by installing batteries (which require some research). With a battery, wind becomes a somewhat stable energy source, working day and night. An eclipse will completely shut down a solar generator, but no event can entirely stop wind. Only a small subset of other dangers, like fog or rain weather controllersContent added by the Royalty DLC, can reduce it. Note that, even with batteries, the exact power average can be unstable.

Their other main drawback is the space requirement - a need for a large, open area clear of trees, mountains, buildings, roofs and other tall constructions. This makes turbines harder to protect. You can still build a wall just outside of its zone, but supporting multiple turbines quickly becomes a time and space consuming project. The empty space can also be used to house short objects that won't block the wind. One option is solar generators, although this creates a risk of having a large amount of power generated in one space that needs to be properly protected. Solar generators also don't fit fully in the space of turbines, which makes land for trees to sprout and block the wind. Another empty space item is crops. Regardless of height, no crop will block the wind, and pawns will automatically cut trees in growing zones. Crops can however catch fire if a turbine is destroyed, creating the risk of food loss, and they may need to be planted in bad soil to fit with turbine placement.

Watermill generators and geothermal generators offer completely consistent power, but require dedicated research, and can only be built in certain locations.


  1. Certain weather conditions offer a positive modifier to wind, like Thunderstorm or Snow. If a weather controller of those types is deployed, then it may be in your interest to preserve them.


Version history[edit]

  • 0.8.657 - Added
  • Beta 18 - Width was increased from 5 to 7 tiles wide.
  • Beta 19 - Power generation was buffed by 15%, from max. 3000W.
  • Version/1.1.0 - Fix: Wind turbines register no wind during windy storm.
  • 1.3.3101 - Can now be walked through.
  • 1.3.3117 - Path cost 0 -> 50.
  • 1.4.3555 - Fix: Checkbox cutoff on wind turbine's auto-cut settings tab.