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Persona monosword

Persona monosword

A crystal-metallic longsword infused with mechanites that maintain a mono-molecular cutting edge. It cuts through even thick armor with ease, and its light weight permits fast attacks.
This weapon has an onboard persona that can bond to only a single person. The wielder and intelligent weapon can synchronize their reflexes and attack with frightening speed, accuracy, and creativity. Once bonded to a wielder, the weapon's persona will refuse to be wielded by anyone else.

Base Stats

Tech Level
Weapon Class
Market Value
3000 Silver
2 kg

Melee Combat

Melee Attack 1
12 dmg (Blunt)
18% AP
1.6 seconds cooldown
Melee Attack 2 
27 dmg (Stab)
90% AP
1.6 seconds cooldown
Melee Attack 3 
27 dmg (Cut)
90% AP
1.6 seconds cooldown
Melee Average DPS
Melee Average AP
Has Quality

The persona monosword is a DLC melee weapon added by the Royalty DLC that does a large amount of damage, has a fairly short cooldown, and deals sharp damage, it also boasts one of the highest armor penetration values for melee weapons in the game. It is the persona weapon variant of the monosword.


Persona monoswords cannot be crafted. Instead, they can be purchased from any combat supplier or war merchant, at Empire faction bases, or obtained as a quest reward.

They can also be found on the following raider kinds:

Raider Kind Chance Average Quality Health
Imperial Citizen ? ? 100%
Stellic Warden ? Excellent 100%
Knight/Dame ? Excellent 100%
Praetor ? Excellent 100%
Baron/Baroness ? Excellent 100%
Count/Countess ? Excellent 100%
Duke/Duchess ? Excellent 100%
Consul ? Excellent 100%
Stellarch ? Excellent 100%


Persona mechanics

Unbonded persona weapons form a psychic bond with the first pawn that wields them. The bonded weapon cannot then be wielded by any pawn except the one bonded to it, though it can still be hauled or carried in any pawns inventory. The exception to this bonding are persona weapons with the Freewielder trait, which do not bond at all. A bonded persona weapon must be destroyed for a wielder to bond to another persona weapon. The wielder must die for a bonded weapon to be wielded by another. The bond remains broken if the wielder is resurrected, though they can rebond with the weapon. When bonded, persona weapons have no value, both for trade and for the purposes of raid points.

Each individual persona weapon has a certain combination of traits, listed in persona traits. It also has a randomly generated custom name.

Persona weapons are also superior to their baseline versions in terms of combat.


Unlike other ultratech weapons, the monosword has no special mechanics. Instead it simply has excellent stats, coupled with an extraordinarily high AP for its Point and Edge attacks. Namely it has a base AP of 90%, as opposed to the 41% that would be automatically calculated from weapon damage. The AP still scales with quality, but does not scale with the Weak or Strong Melee Damage genesContent added by the Biotech DLC.


The persona monosword is the most powerful melee weapon in the game in terms of base DPS, arguably the best overall, and a complete upgrade to regular monosword. With 90% AP on its main attack, a normal persona monosword will completely pierce any mechanoid's hide, and pretty much ignore power armor up to recon and poor marine.

Comparison to persona zeushammers[edit]

The persona zeushammer is the biggest competitor to the persona monosword for "best melee weapon". For sake of comparison, the zeushammer's EMP effects will be ignored until a footnote at the end.

When compared to the zeushammer, a persona monosword of the same quality has higher raw DPS against all mechanoids, as well as human targets up to (and including) marine armor. However, this is not the entire story. The main differences between the monosword and zeushammer are derived from their damage types: Sharp vs. Blunt. This goes beyond the usual advice of "most expected targets have much less Blunt armor than they do Sharp". Unless fighting against the empire's absolute best soldiers, both weapons' AP are so high that armor is not a concern.

While the monosword is better at pure DPS, persona zeushammers have 2 key advantages over monoswords:

  1. One-shot potential. Zeushammers attack slower, but deal more damage per hit. A masterwork zeushammer deals just under 45 damage per swing. Note that, due to body part protection mechanics, the zeushammer cannot actually one-shot the torso, the largest body part (usually). It can still destroy large body parts like the head, arms and legs.
  2. Overkill mechanics. If a monosword would cleanly stab off a finger, the zeushammer will smash the finger and destroy the arm in the process. While the monosword's Cut damage type can spread throughout multiple body parts, it is inferior to the zeushammer as it is less concentrated on any specific part.

While blunt damage won't cause bleeding wounds, the zeushammer is likely to destroy body parts that it hits, which will cause bleeding anyway.

Therefore, the following comparisons can be made:

  • At normal quality, these factors aren't too important. With a normal quality persona monosword / zeushammer, the monosword edges out against most raiders you'll see, but loses against empire cataphracts due to their sharp armor. The zeushammer, while unable to one-shot humans, can take out many body parts in 1 hit, resulting in roughly similar performance. Monoswords are definitely superior against larger targets, where organ destroying is no longer a factor. Ironically, this means that swords are better against centipedes.
  • But at high quality, the damage spread becomes very important. A masterwork persona zeushammer is better against non-tough humans - regardless of armor - and human-sized pawns like the scyther. This is due to a combination of overkill mechanics and the ability to one-shot. Persona monoswords of the same quality are better against larger pawns like elephants and centipedes. As these pawns are unable to be one-shot nearly as easily, the monosword's wins through its superior base DPS.

These differences are heavily exacerbated by the Strong melee damage geneContent added by the Biotech DLC, which increases the damage/hit of both weapons. While this means that the high quality monoswords can now one-shot the torso, this only makes the overkill mechanics more relevant. A zeushammer of the same quality can hit the arm, destroy the shoulder, and destroy the torso in the process. More breakpoints and numbers with and without this gene can be seen at #Further zeushammer comparison.

This comparison is largely moot, as players rarely have the choice between persona zeushammers or persona monoswords of the same quality. A weapon that's 1 quality higher will be superior in almost all cases. It can be useful for relicsContent added by the Ideology DLC, which will be a legendary weapon of choice.

  • Considering EMP

The zeushammer's EMP, while it can be useful, it can also be counterproductive. The stun time is very short, but causes the same amount of adaptation against mechs, preventing EMP grenades or other EMP weapons from actually stunning. A melee master with a zeushammer is likely to kill or severely damage most mechanoids within its stun time, but this is worth mentioning.

Comparison to plasmaswords[edit]

A normal persona plasmasword will actually beat the same quality monosword in raw DPS, due to the fire. However, as the flame proc does not scale with quality, a higher quality monosword comes out ahead. In addition, the plasmasword has less AP, and the flame attack, 0% AP. Finally, many enemies are immune to fire or will pop a firefoam pop pack the moment they are lit on fire.

The main difference is whenever the plasmasword's fire is desirable.

  • Fire completely stops enemies from attacking until the fire is put out. This can be great in open combat situations. Plasmaswords come out ahead in the average human v human fight for this reason. Great when surrounded by enemies.
  • However, lighting your enemies on fire is actively harmful in a melee block scenario. Enemies lit on fire will ignore collision, allowing them to run behind your melee fighters, ruining the melee block setup.

Melee verb selection at high quality[edit]

Melee verbs, i.e. the types of melee attacks performed by a pawn, are chosen by assigning them attacks into categories, based on their relative strength and AP compared to the strongest attack. These categories are: "best" (75%), "mid" (25%), and "worst" (0%). This system is not calculated for the in-game weapon info.

At Masterwork quality or higher, the persona monosword has the unique distinction of having primary attacks strong enough that all other attacks are relegated to the "worst" category, ensuring that the user only makes attacks with the blade. This results in a 40.3% increase in DPS when going from Excellent to Masterwork, significantly above the normal 20.8% from the quality increase alone. It also increases the effective AP in a similar way, ensuring that only the best armored enemies will ever take no damage from an attack that hits.

Ironically, when wielded by a pawn with the Strong Melee DamageContent added by the Biotech DLC gene, the lower-damage secondary attack is brought back into the "mid" category for Masterwork and Legendary monoswords. While this means some attacks may occasionally fail to penetrate armour, the increased damage on hits that land will outweigh the failed attacks - and against pawns which can't block the secondary attack, the DPS is increased even further. Due to the secondary attack having increased AP from strong melee damage, and being a blunt attack, it will actually penetrate any armour worse than recon armor (including mechanoids).

Further zeushammer comparison[edit]

Regardless of the strong melee gene, the Blunt overkill damage means that the zeushammer is equal or superior against pawns with smaller health pools. A high quality monosword attack will waste damage done beyond the maximum of the limb, but a zeushammer will instead transfer that damage into the parent limb. The increase in applied damage against humanlike, combined with blunt damage's better AP against high tier armor, means that the zeushammer will perform similarly or better against any humanlike who isn't tough and robust.[Needs testing] However, against enemies with high health pools, such as Centipedes, the monosword's damage will be fully utilized, and it will outperform the zeushammer.

The average humanlike bodypart has around 25hp; with a legendary persona monosword's attack damage at 44.55, you will waste around 44% of the potential damage against humanlike. With strong melee, this becomes over 50%. Meanwhile, a zeushammer will only waste damage if it was under 40% overkill, which is very unlikely at high qualities- with an attack damage of 51, and the average body part having just 25hp, overkill should always be successful, even without strong melee damage - which will increase both dps and AP by 50%.

If you are playing without Biotech, the melee verb difference does mean against high HP enemies such as centipedes, a monosword will deal 28% more damage than a zeushammer. With strong melee, a persona monosword is 10% more dps than a zeushammer if there is no overkill. Even without biotech, the zeushammer should match or outperform the monosword against humanlike, especially against high quality Cataphract Armor.

In summary:

  • A masterwork / legendary persona monosword has a ~40% chance to kill opponents with torso HP <= 65 HP, such as scythers, neanderthals, yttakin, and baseliners.
  • A legendary persona zeushammer would have an ~80% chance to kill opponents with torso HP <= 42 HP, such as baseliners and lancers.

If you are fighting a mixed squad of mechs or xenotypes, then they will be roughly equal. However, there are many raids that consist of only scythers, neanderthals, etc., which are much more dangerous in melee combat.

Attack table

Feature Toggle
AttacksRitual Quality Check Off.pngRitual Quality Check On.png
  • Persona monosword Persona monosword Handle (Blunt) Point (Stab) Edge (Cut) Human: Left & rigth fist (Blunt) HP Value
    DPS[1] AP[1] Dam. Cool. AP DPS Chance[2] Dam. Cool. AP DPS Chance[2] Dam. Cool. AP DPS Chance[2] Dam. Cool. AP DPS Chance[2]
    Awful 11.63 57.6% 9.6 1.6s 14.4% 6 25% 21.6 1.6s 72% 13.5 37.5% 21.6 1.6s 72% 13.5 37.5% 8.2 2s 12% 4.1 0% 100 1500 Silver
    Poor 13.08 64.8% 10.8 1.6s 16.2% 6.75 25% 24.3 1.6s 81% 15.19 37.5% 24.3 1.6s 81% 15.19 37.5% 8.2 2s 12% 4.1 0% 100 2250 Silver
    Normal 14.53 72% 12 1.6s 18% 7.5 25% 27 1.6s 90% 16.88 37.5% 27 1.6s 90% 16.88 37.5% 8.2 2s 12% 4.1 0% 100 3000 Silver
    Good 15.98 79.2% 13.2 1.6s 19.8% 8.25 25% 29.7 1.6s 99% 18.56 37.5% 29.7 1.6s 99% 18.56 37.5% 8.2 2s 12% 4.1 0% 100 3500 Silver
    Excellent 17.44 86.4% 14.4 1.6s 21.6% 9 25% 32.4 1.6s 108% 20.25 37.5% 32.4 1.6s 108% 20.25 37.5% 8.2 2s 12% 4.1 0% 100 4000 Silver
    Masterwork 24.47 130.5% 17.4 1.6s 26.1% 10.88 0% 39.15 1.6s 130.5% 24.47 50% 39.15 1.6s 130.5% 24.47 50% 8.2 2s 12% 4.1 0% 100 5000 Silver
    Legendary 27.84 148.5% 19.8 1.6s 29.7% 12.38 0% 44.55 1.6s 148.5% 27.84 50% 44.55 1.6s 148.5% 27.84 50% 8.2 2s 12% 4.1 0% 100 6000 Silver

    For the full effects of qualities, see Quality.

    1. 1.0 1.1 Note: This is the actual base average derived from the melee verb system updated in 1.1.2610, it may sometimes disagree with the listed value in the in-game infobox.
      It may also change depending on the stats and the melee verbs available to the wielder if the weapon is wielded by some other than a baseline human.
    2. Chance for attack to be selected, assuming the weapon is wielded by a baseline human. It may change depending on the melee verbs available to the wielder

    Persona traits[edit]

    Persona weapons have individual traits to reflect their individual personalities. Each weapon will have one or two traits. Some traits are good, some are bad, some are just different. Traits affect the weapon's market value, so a weapon with a negative trait will be cheaper. The traits are:

  • Trait name Description Effects Value Exclusivity Commonality
    Psychic hypersensitizer This weapon amplifies the wielder's psychic sensitivity by 40%. This only applies while the weapon is held. Silver 0 Other Psychic Sensitivity Modifiers 0.75
    Psychic sensitizer This weapon amplifies the wielder's psychic sensitivity by 20%. This only applies while the weapon is held. Silver 0 Other Psychic Sensitivity Modifiers 0.75
    Psychic quiet This weapon suppresses the wielder's psychic sensitivity by 15%. This only applies while the weapon is held. Silver 0 Other Psychic Sensitivity Modifiers 0.75
    Psychic fog This weapon suppresses the wielder's psychic sensitivity by 30%. This only applies while the weapon is held. Silver 0 Other Psychic Sensitivity Modifiers 0.75
    Kind thoughts This weapon's persona is kind and supportive. It whispers kind thoughts to whoever it is bonded with, increasing their mood.
    • +6 <NAME>'s kind thoughts mood[When equipped?]
    Silver +500 Other Bonded Thought Traits
    Calm thoughts This weapon's persona is relaxed and steady. It whispers calming thoughts to whoever it is bonded with, increasing their mood.
    • +3 <NAME>'s calm thoughts mood[When equipped?]
    Silver +300 Other Bonded Thought Traits
    Mad muttering This weapon's persona is neurotic and unstable. It mutters mad thoughts to whoever it is bonded with, reducing their mood.
    • −3 <NAME>'s muttering mood[When equipped?]
    Silver -500 Other Bonded Thought Traits
    Mad wailing This weapon's persona is highly disturbed and won't shut up about it. It wails mad notions to whoever it is bonded with, suppressing their mood.
    • −6 <NAME>'s wailing mood[When equipped?]
    Silver -1000 Other Bonded Thought Traits
    Kill-focused This weapon's persona focuses on deaths. If the weapon kills someone, the wielder will instantly gain 20% psyfocus. Silver +500 Kill Thought Traits 1
    Kill-happy This weapon's persona loves to kill. If this weapon kills someone, its joy will transmit psychically to the wielder, making them happier for a few days.
    • +6 <NAME>'s kill happiness mood for 3 days after killing a pawn.[Details]
    Silver +500 Other Kill Thought Traits 1
    Kill-sorrow This weapon's persona hates killing. If this weapon kills someone, its sorrow will transmit psychically to the wielder, reducing their mood for a few days.
    • −3 <NAME>'s kill sorrow mood for 3 days after killing a pawn.[Details]
    Silver -500 Other Kill Thought Traits 1
    Kill thirst This weapon's persona find purpose in bloodshed. If it does not kill for 20 days, it will become angry and psychically complain to whoever is bonded to it.
    • −3 <NAME>'s kill thirst mood after 20 days without killing a pawn.[Details]
    Silver -700 Kill Thought Traits Traits
    Psy-meditative This weapon's persona is naturally meditative and helps its wielder focus in psychic meditation. The wielder gains an extra 10% psyfocus per day of meditation, as long as the weapon is held. Silver +500 None 1
    Painless This weapon's persona has some method of psychically disabling pain. The one holding the weapon will feel no pain of any kind. Psychic Painlessness: Pain is disabled by the psychic influence of a wielded weapon. Silver +400 None 1
    Fast mover This weapon's persona has a sense of motion. It confers this onto the wielder, making them move 15% faster as long as the weapon is held. Psychic Speed: Movement is sped up by the psychic influence of a wielded weapon. Silver +600 None 1
    Hunger pangs This weapon's persona loves food, and transmits that onto whoever bonds with it. The bonded person's hunger rate will be 50% higher. Psychic Hunger: Hunger is increased by the psychic influence of a bonded weapon. Silver -600 None 1
    Neural cooling This weapon's persona has the ability to help dissipate the wielder's neural heat. The wielder's neural heat dissipation is improved by 0.15 per second. Assisted neural cooling: Neural heat dissipation is improved by the psychic influence of a bonded weapon. Silver +500 None 1
    Freewielder This weapon's persona does not form bonds in the normal way. Anyone can pick it up and use it.
    • Does not bond
    Silver 0 1
    Jealous This weapon's persona becomes angry when the bonded individual uses another weapon, thus reducing their mood.
    • −15 <NAME>'s jealousy mood when a weapon other than the bonded weapon is equipped.
    Silver -600 Freewielder 1
  • Version history[edit]

    • Royalty DLC release - Added as Linked monosword.
    • 1.1.2647 - Renamed to persona monosword. No longer damages relations with the Empire without the necessary titles. Previously, a title of Knight or Dame was required.
    • 1.2.2719 - Persona monosword damage reduced from 29 to 27.