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A table of the default damage types for RimWorld damage. Not to be confused with health difficulties. These provide the armor categories and death messages for injuries.

Name Label Armor Category Death Message[1] General Injury Skin Injury Solid Injury Harms Outer Layers[2] Affects shields Stun duration
Cut cut Piercing {0} has been cut to death. Cut Cut Crack true false -
Crush crush Blunt {0} has been crushed to death. Crush Cut Crack true true -
Blunt blunt Blunt {0} has been beaten to death. Crush Bruise Crack true false -
Stab stab Piercing {0} has been stabbed to death. Stab Stab Crack true false -
Bullet bullet Piercing {0} has been shot to death. Gunshot Gunshot Gunshot true true -
Arrow arrow Piercing {0} has been shot to death. Cut Cut Crack true true -
Scratch scratch Piercing {0} has been torn to death. Scratch Scratch Crack true false -
Bite bite Piercing {0} has been bitten to death. Bite Bite Crack true false -
Bomb bomb Piercing {0} has died in an explosion. Shredded Shredded Crack true true -
Flame flame Heat {0} has burned to death. Burn Burn Burn false[3] false -
Frostbite frostbite Heat {0} has succumbed to frostbite. Frostbite Frostbite Frostbite true false -
Surgical Cut surgical cut - {0} has died during surgery. - - - false[4] false -
Execution Cut execution cut - {0} has been executed. Cut Cut Cut false false -
EMP [5] - - {0} has been stunned to death. - - - true true 0.25 s [6] [7]
Stun [5] - - {0} has been EMPed to death. - - - false true 0.33 s [6]
  1. {0} represents a pawn's name.
  2. Surgery doesn't hurt your outside bits, but getting shot and stuff will.
  3. Fire currently doesn't burn your organs out or anything - ironically good for preserving them.
  4. Able to remove organs without harming outer body parts.
  5. 5.0 5.1 Does not deal physical damage so does not show up on body parts.
  6. 6.0 6.1 Per point of damage.
  7. Only applies to mechanoids or turrets.