Nuclear stomach

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Nuclear stomach

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A micro-nuclear reactor combined with complex chemical synthesis replaces the body's need for food energy. Food is required only to replace matter lost from the body, reducing the user's intake needs significantly. This artificial stomach cannot get food poisoning. However, there is little room to the shield the reactor [sic], so the radiation increases the risk of cancer.

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Base Stats

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Stat Modifiers

The Nuclear Stomach drastically reduces a pawn's hunger rate to just one-quarter of its normal value and prevents food poisoning, however it causes an elevated rate of cancer. Like a bionic stomach, it also provides 125% part efficiency. It can be crafted from 15 plasteel and 4 advanced components.

Cancers from this stomach occur on average once every 120 ingame days, on the torso. Without the cancer, the nuclear stomach would otherwise be a direct upgrade of the bionic stomach, the detoxifier stomach, and the reprocessor stomach.

Shocking a pawn with this stomach using EMP will force them to vomit.


They require a crafting skill of 8.


Despite being called a Nuclear stomach, it does not require uranium to craft.

Version History

Prior to Update 1.1.2570 the Nuclear Stomach did not prevent food poisoning as claimed.