Circadian half-cycler

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Circadian half-cycler

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A signal redirector which isolates half of the brain, allowing the other half to sleep while the user remains outwardly awake. By alternating brain halves, the user never needs to sleep. Unfortunately, two hemispheres are better than one - working half a brain causes a reduction in consciousness.

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Stat Modifiers

The Circadian Half-Cycler gives a pawn that's been implanted with it the ability to never sleep again! At the cost of -15% consciousness.

When a pawn with this implant is shocked with EMP they will receive Brain shock, knocking them unconscious temporarily.


They require a crafting skill of 8.


The lack of need to sleep allows you to have about 50% more time for a colonist to do productive work, offseting the productivity loss from lowered consciousness. Great for craftspeople, or to some extent researchers.

Not recommended on colonists whose consciousness can greatly affect their performance, such as doctors or marksmen.

It has the rather unfortunate side effect of depriving pawns installed with it of lovin' since it is only initiated while sleeping.