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"A warhammer with an embedded EMP capacitor. Upon impact, it blasts the target with an EMP burst in addition to the physical damage."

Market Value
2000 Silver.png
1.2 kg
Attack 1
15 dmg (poke)
2.0 seconds cooldown
22% armor penetration
Attack 2 
31 dmg (blunt)
3.0 seconds cooldown
46% armor penetration
Melee Average DPS
Melee Average AP

The Zeushammer is a DLC melee weapon that emits an EMP upon hitting a target.


Zeushammers can be purchased from any combat supplier or war merchant or obtained as a quest reward, once you have the Royalty DLC active.

Linked Zeushammers

It is also possible to obtain "linked" versions of Zeushammers, These linked variants boast a significantly higher DPS and slightly higher AP and can only be used by a single pawn.

Linked Zeushammers have randomized names akin to Legendary items from Dwarf Fortress.


The Zeushammer's EMP blast upon hitting a target makes it one of the better melee weapons to fight mechanoids with, however it still falls short of the monosword's sheer damage output and armor penetration.

Zeushammers Quality table

Quality Melee DPS Melee AP
Awful 7.96 34%
Poor 8.96 38%
Normal 9.95 42%
Good 10.95 46%
Excellent 11.94 50%
Masterwork 14.43 61%
Legendary 16.42 69%

Linked Zeushammers Quality table

Quality Melee DPS Melee AP
Awful 18.46 39%
Poor 20.76 44%
Normal 23.07 49%
Good 25.38 54%
Excellent 27.68 59%
Masterwork 33.45 71%
Legendary 38.06 81%

Version history

Added in the Royalty DLC release.

In 1.1.2647 it no longer damaged relations with the Empire without the necessary titles. Previously, a title of Knight or Dame was required.