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A warhammer with an embedded EMP capacitor. Upon impact, it blasts the target with an EMP burst in addition to the physical damage.

Base Stats

Tech Level
Market Value
2000 Silver
1.2 kg

Melee Combat

Melee Attack 1
15 dmg (Poke)
2.0 seconds cooldown
22% armor penetration
Melee Attack 2 
31 dmg (Blunt)
3.0 seconds cooldown
46% armor penetration
Melee Average DPS
Melee Average AP
Has Quality

The Zeushammer is a DLC melee weapon that emits an EMP upon hitting a target.


Zeushammers cannot be crafted, instead they can only be purchased from Outlander and Empire combat suppliers and faction bases, or received as a quest reward.

They can also be obtained from the following raider types:

Raider Kind Chance Average Quality Health
Champion ?% ? 70-230%
Nobles (All) ?% Excellent 100%


The zeushammer is a strong, blunt melee weapon. It completely beats a uranium mace of the same quality. However, it falls short of the monosword's sheer damage output and AP.

When a zeushammer hits with its head, its EMP will stun mechanoids, turrets, and mortars for 4.5s, regardless of quality. After being stunned, mechanoids become 'Adapted' and gain immunity against further stuns for 2,200 ticks (36.67 secs), regardless of stun length.

Blunt damage in it of itself also has a small chance to stun the target, regardless of their organic status.


As a zeushammer deals blunt damage, it can be better than the monosword against armor, as most enemies have much better Sharp % rating than Blunt. However, the sword will completely ignore even a centipede's Sharp armor. Zeushammers only start to surpass them when against humans with marine armor and cataphract armor. Even then, a monosword's raw damage will not be far behind.

Due to adaptation, a zeushammer actually becomes counterproductive when fighting mechs along with EMP grenades or another source of EMP. All other sources of EMP stun for much longer, and the first stun causes adaptation immediately. The zeushammer retains its niche against turrets, as well as certain other uses of EMP (like breaking shield belts).

Attack table

  • Feature Toggle
    Zeushammer Zeushammer Handle (Poke) Head (Blunt) HP Value
    DPS[1] AP[1] Dam. Cool. AP DPS Chance[2] Dam. Cool. AP DPS Chance[2]
    Awful 7.85 32% 12 2s 17.6% 6 25% 24.8 3s 36.8% 8.27 75% 100 1000 Silver
    Poor 8.84 36% 13.5 2s 19.8% 6.75 25% 27.9 3s 41.4% 9.3 75% 100 1500 Silver
    Normal 9.82 40% 15 2s 22% 7.5 25% 31 3s 46% 10.33 75% 100 2000 Silver
    Good 10.8 44% 16.5 2s 24.2% 8.25 25% 34.1 3s 50.6% 11.37 75% 100 2500 Silver
    Excellent 11.78 48% 18 2s 26.4% 9 25% 37.2 3s 55.2% 12.4 75% 100 3000 Silver
    Masterwork 14.24 58% 21.75 2s 31.9% 10.88 25% 44.95 3s 66.7% 14.98 75% 100 4000 Silver
    Legendary 16.2 66% 24.75 2s 36.3% 12.38 25% 51.15 3s 75.9% 17.05 75% 100 5000 Silver

    For the full effects of qualities, see Quality.

    1. 1.0 1.1 Note: This is the actual base average derived from the melee verb system updated in 1.1.2610, it may sometimes disagree with the listed value in the in-game infobox.
      It may also change depending on the stats and the melee verbs available to the wielder
    2. Chance for attack to be selected, assuming only the weapon's attack verbs are considered. It may change depending on the melee verbs available to the wielder

    Version history[edit]

    Royalty DLC release - Added.