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Turrets are automatic defenses that fire at enemies within range. They require power to operate, and after firing require reloading or barrel changes that consume resources; this cost is dependent on difficulty.

There are six constructable varieties:

  • Mini-turret - weak and short ranged but small and cheap. Uses the mini-turret gun. Also found defending faction bases.
  • Autocannon turret - powerful and fast firing with a medium range and cost. Uses the autocannon.
  • Uranium slug turret - slow firing and costly but with very high damage, range and accuracy. Uses the uranium slug cannon.
  • Foam turret - an unmanned but pawn-activated turret that automatically targets and fires firefoam at any fires in range.
  • Rocketswarm launcher - an unmanned but pawn-activated turret that fires a barrage of 12 rockets at a player designated point in range.
  • Mortar - a manned turret-like structure that requires no power and fires explosive mortar shell that must be crafted, bought, or scavenged. Powerful with a map wide range that ignores LoS, but inaccurate and slow.
  • Turret packContent added by the Anomaly DLC - a utility slot item that be deployed into a small turret similar to a mini-turret, but with a limited, self-contained power supply.

Additionally, there are also: