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"The ancient weapon of kings, the longsword can be used for slashing or stabbing and is deadly in the right hands."

Dmg Type
150 ticks (2.5 secs)
120 x Material Value

The longsword is a melee weapon in RimWorld that does a large amount of damage, has a long cooldown, and deals sharp damage.

As is typical with any sharp weapon, longsword attacks cause bleeding, and generally fares poorly against armor when compared to blunt weapons.

The longsword has the highest base damage output out of any weapon in the game; having a 13.3% higher base damage output than the mace, which is the most powerful blunt weapon in the game. However, due to the longsword's long cooldown, it's not recommendable to equip a poorly-skilled person with this beast of a weapon. Plasteel longswords are extremely dangerous weapons, and can handily cut down opponents, thanks to its gladius-like cooldown and enhanced damage per hit.

When it comes to facing up against a normal armor vest, a steel longsword will still trail even a modest stone club in terms of DPS, therefore a steel club will perform significantly better. Although plasteel longswords fare somewhat better since they have such a high damage output to begin with, they still trail steel clubs in this department.


Longswords can be purchased from any outlander and orbital combat suppliers, or obtained from outlander and pirate raiders. Longswords can also be crafted at any smithy once the smithing research has been completed; from 120 of any metallic or wooden material, and 22,000 ticks (366.67 secs) of work.

Combat Performance per Material

Normal Quality:

Materials Wood Steel Plasteel Silver Gold Uranium
Damage 5 17 20 9 5 19
Cooldown 2.25s 2.5s 2s 2.5s 2.75s 3.38s
Base DPS [1] 2.222 6.8 10 3.6 1.818 5.621
Armored DPS [2] 1.2 3.24 4.5 1.8 0.982 2.663

Legendary Quality:

Materials Wood Steel Plasteel Silver Gold Uranium
Damage 8 26 32 13 8 29
Cooldown 2.25s 2.5s 2s 2.5s 2.75s 3.38s
Base DPS 3.556 10.4 16 5.2 2.909 8.58
Armored DPS 1.6 4.68 7.2 2.52 1.309 3.994
  1. Damage per second
  2. Normal quality armor vest (50% sharp damage reduction and 10% deflection; 20% blunt damage reduction)