Electric smithy

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Electric smithy

Electric smithy

An electric-powered station for smithing non-mechanical weapons and tools.

Base Stats

Market Value
295 Silver [Note]
20 kg
Path Cost


3 × 1
pass through only
Cover Effectiveness
Terrain Affordance
-210 W
Tool cabinet
Heat Per Second


Required Research
Electricity, Smithing
Skill Required
Construction 5
Work To Make
3,000 ticks (50 secs)
Resources to make
Steel 100 + Component 3
Deconstruct yield
Steel 50 + Component 1 - 2
Destroy yield
Steel 25 + Component 0 - 1

An electric smithy is used by smiths to create neolithic and medieval weapons, low tech armor and some other items. For its wood-powered counterpart, see fueled smithy.


Electric smithies can be constructed once the electricity and smithing research projects have been completed. Each requires Steel 100 Steel, Component 3 Components, 3,000 ticks (50 secs) of work modified by the construction speed of the builder, and a construction skill of 5.


The electric smithy behaves exactly the same as its fueled counterpart except that it requires power to operate instead of wood. Like other production stations, a bill must be created to specify what items are to be produced and what materials may be used. Each weapon produced has a certain quality depending on the Crafting skill of the colonist (see quality for a detailed chart).

If a smithing job is interrupted for any reason the crafter will drop the piece, usually on the workbench, and it will be in an unfinished state until the crafter finishes it. A crafter cannot work on another crafter's piece. The piece will indicate the name of the crafter and how much work is remaining. The stockpile filter includes an entry for unfinished weapons which allows the player to control where they are stored.

Up to two nearby tool cabinets can be connected to a electric smithy to increase work speed.

Each electric smithy is considered dirty with a Cleanliness of −3, applied to the bottom-left-most tile from the player's perspective, regardless of orientation. This reduces the average cleanliness of the room it occupies.


The following items can be crafted at the electric smithy:

  • Name Materials Work to Make Required Research Type
    Breach axe Breach axe Stuff 50 (Metallic) 005,000 ticks (1.39 mins) Smithing Equipment - Weapons
    Club Club Stuff 40 (Metallic/Woody/Stony) 001,200 ticks (20 secs) Equipment - Weapons
    Gladius Gladius Stuff 50 (Metallic/Woody) 012,000 ticks (3.33 mins) Smithing Equipment - Weapons
    Greatbow Greatbow Wood 60 009,000 ticks (2.5 mins) Greatbow Equipment - Weapons
    Ikwa Ikwa Stuff 50 (Metallic/Woody) 005,000 ticks (1.39 mins) Smithing Equipment - Weapons
    Knife Knife Stuff 30 (Metallic) 001,800 ticks (30 secs) Smithing Equipment - Weapons
    Longsword Longsword Stuff 100 (Metallic/Woody) 018,000 ticks (5 mins) Long blades Equipment - Weapons
    Mace Mace Stuff 50 (Metallic/Woody) 006,000 ticks (1.67 mins) Smithing Equipment - Weapons
    Pila Pila Wood 70 007,000 ticks (1.94 mins) Smithing Equipment - Weapons
    Recurve bow Recurve bow Wood 40 005,000 ticks (1.39 mins) Recurve bow Equipment - Weapons
    Short bow Short bow Wood 30 002,400 ticks (40 secs) Equipment - Weapons
    Spear Spear Stuff 75 (Metallic/Woody) 012,000 ticks (3.33 mins) Long blades Equipment - Weapons
    Plate armor Plate armor Stuff 170 (Metallic/Woody) 038,000 ticks (10.56 mins) Plate armor Gear - Armor
    Simple helmet Simple helmet Stuff 40 (Metallic) 003,200 ticks (53.33 secs) Smithing Gear - Armor
    Kid helmet Kid helmet Content added by the Biotech DLC Stuff 20 (Metallic) 002,000 ticks (33.33 secs) Smithing Gear - Armor
    Torture crown Torture crown Content added by the Ideology DLC Stuff 25 (Metallic/Woody) 001,200 ticks (20 secs) Gear - Clothing
    Harp Harp Content added by the Royalty DLC Wood 150 018,000 ticks (5 mins) Harp Building - Recreation
    Harpsichord Harpsichord Content added by the Royalty DLC Wood 250 032,000 ticks (8.89 mins) Harpsichord Building - Recreation
    Piano Piano Content added by the Royalty DLC Steel 120 + Wood 220 050,000 ticks (13.89 mins) Piano Building - Recreation
    Axe Axe Content added by the Royalty DLC Stuff 50 (Metallic/Woody) 007,000 ticks (1.94 mins) Smithing Equipment - Weapons
    Warhammer Warhammer Content added by the Royalty DLC Stuff 150 (Metallic/Woody) 018,000 ticks (5 mins) Long blades Equipment - Weapons
    Coronet Coronet Content added by the Royalty DLC Stuff 50 (Metallic) 008,000 ticks (2.22 mins) Royal apparel Gear - Clothing
    Crown Crown Content added by the Royalty DLC Stuff 75 (Metallic) 012,000 ticks (3.33 mins) Royal apparel Gear - Clothing
  • Analysis[edit]

    Smithies primarily produce melee weapons, with pila and a few medieval armor options available. A machining table can also create simple helmets (and kid helmets Content added by the Biotech DLC), and it is researched just after Smithing. If you are using melee, then smithies can be useful, allowing access to powerful melee weapons like maces. But if you don't plan on using melee, then smithies can often be forgone.

    With the Royalty DLC, smithies are required to create the musical instruments required for a throne room, like the harp and piano. This means that, if you weren't making melee weapons in the first place, building the smithy can wait until you have a noble that needs said instruments.

    Electric smithies cost Component 3 components more than a fueled smithy, but don't require constant refueling. If wood is scarce, or if you plan to use the smithy a lot, then the electric variant should be used. If electricity is unavailable, or if you only need to create a single piano, then the fueled smithy can be created instead.