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EMP refers to a specific damage type and to weapons that inflict that damage type. The weapons include:

Additionally, when destroyed the Defoiliator condition causer will release a EMP blast with a 9 tile radius.

Zeushammers do 9 EMP damage, while all other sources do 50. This shortens stun duration.

When inflicted, EMP will stun mechanoids and turrets, including both human and mechanoid variants as well as mortars, for 25s (4.5s for Zeushammers). After being stunned, mechanoids become 'Adapted' and gain immunity against further stuns for 2,200 ticks (36.67 secs). Turrets do not become adapted. It is currently unclear if zeushammers cause a shorter "adapted" time to match their shorter stun time.

EMP damage instantly disables shield belts and low-shield packs. Additionally mech low-shields and mech high-shields in Mechanoid cluster Content added by the Royalty DLC will be disabled for 1,080 ticks (18 secs) when hit with an EMP, including when intercepting an EMP mortar shell.

EMP damage inflicts brain shock on pawns with the following implants, knocking them unconcious:

EMP damage inflicts vomiting on pawns with the following implants:

Using EMP attacks against friendlies counts as an attack, even if they aren't hurt.

If an EMP attack does more EMP damage to a mortar than the it has remaining HP, the mortar will explode.