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The ikwa is a neolithic melee weapon that deals heavy stabbing damage.

Possible Attacks

Tool Attack Damage Type Power Cooldown Likelihood[1] Base DPS[2] Armored DPS[3]
Overall - - 11 1.8s - 6.111 4.914
Handle Poke Blunt 6 1.8s 15.8% 3.333 3.066
Handle Smash Blunt 6 1.8s 15.8% 3.333 3.066
Head Stab Sharp 15 1.8s 39.5% 8.333 6.5
Edge Cut Sharp 11 1.8s 28.9% 6.111 4.767

  1. Weighted based on the amount of damage that the tool does.
  2. Damage Per Second.
  3. Against a normal quality armor vest (50% sharp damage reduction and 10% deflection chance; 20% blunt damage reduction), including coverage.


It is crafted at a smithy using 60 materials.


Unlike the other melee weapons, the ikwa doesn't exist in real life with the same name; the real life equivalent of the ikwa is the iklwa.