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Beta 18 - 0.18.1722 was released on November 18th, 2017 - Beta 18 Release

New swamp biomes: Swamp biomes are hard to move through due to choking vegetation, and hard to build in due to swampy terrain. Many new plants were added to fill out these and other biomes.

  • Tropical swamp
  • Temperate swamp
  • Cold bog

New incidents:

  • Meteorite impact. A meteorite impacts, leaving a lump of mineable ore.
  • Aurora. A beautiful aurora lights up the night sky, improving mood.
  • Tornado
  • Peace talks quest
  • World refugee quest
  • Prisoner rescue quest

Storyful combat: A major rework of melee combat, and a new way to report all combat interactions. Storyful combat generates a combat log that reports each blow, miss, swipe, block and fall in the combat. During or after a fight, you can review the combat log to see what happened, to generate a richer story.

  • Various research has been split up
  • Gun research is now broken into several stages, so making advanced guns like assault rifles takes more research than making simple revolvers
  • Melee weapon research is now broken into several stages

New furniture

  • Bedroll: Portable bed
  • Dresser: Passively improves room
  • Endtable: Passive improves room
  • Various new table sizes

New quest reward special items:

  • Psychic emanator
  • Vanometric power cell
  • Infinite chemreactor
  • Techprof subpersona core
  • Healer mechanite superdose
  • Resurrector mechanite superdose
  • Orbital bombardment targeter
  • Orbital power beam targeter

Tribal content upgrade:

  • Ikwa melee weapon
  • War mask
  • Tribal headdress
  • Recurve bow
  • Tribal hunter
  • Tribal heavy archer
  • Tribal berserker

New world site components (used in various situations):

  • Sleeping mechanoids
  • Animal ambush
  • Enemy ambush

New mental breaks:

  • Insulting spree. Randomly go around and insult people.
  • Targeted insulting spree. Follow around a specific other colonist, insulting them repeatedly.
  • Tantrum. Go around randomly smashing furniture, buildings, and damageable items.
  • Bedroom tantrum. Go to your own room and randomly smash furniture, buildings, and damageable items.
  • Targeted tantrum. Go to destroy a single, specific, randomly-chosen, valuable item or building.
  • Sadistic rage. Melee attack prisoners for a while. Fists only. Only occurs when there are prisoners to attack. Does not attack downed prisoners.
  • Corpse obsession. Dig up a corpse and drop it on a meeting spot table or in a random high-traffic area. The mental break then ends.
  • Catatonic. Collapse on the spot into a downed state with a psychological breakdown. Recover some days later. This can be implemented by a “catatonic breakdown” hediff.
  • Jailbreaker. Colonist goes to a random prisoner (who is capable of prison breaking), and upon doing a special “spark jailbreak” action with them, induces an immediate prison break in that prisoner.
  • Slaughterer. Slaughter random colony animal(s) periodically.
  • Murderous rage. Hunt down a specific colonist or prisoner (randomly chosen) and attempt to kill them by melee attack. Uses melee weapon or fists, as equipped. Keep attacking until the target is dead.
  • Run wild. The pawn basically starts acting like an animal. You can tame him to try to get him to rejoin.

New mental inspirations. Basically reverse mental breaks – these give temporary bonuses to colonists in high moods.

  • Work frenzy (1 day): Global work speed 2.5x
  • Go frenzy (1 day): Walk speed 1.5x
  • Shoot frenzy (3 days): Shooting hit chance improved as though the pawn is 10 skill levels higher.
  • Inspired trade
  • Inspired recruitment
  • Inspired surgery
  • Inspired art

World features like lakes, mountain ranges, and bays are now detected and named. Names are displayed in the world view.

  • Caves now form sometimes in mountainous maps. Inside there are special cave plants. There can also be dormant insect hives.
  • Many new tale types were added. So, the game will record many new types of events, and colonists can make art about them. Art descriptions should be much more diverse.
  • Crop blights now appear and spread over time instead of instantly destroying crops
  • Spaceship is now bigger and has one more component, the sensor cluster
  • Spaceship quest ending phase: When going to the hidden space ship to finish the game, the game does not end instantly on arrival. The map generates with the ship intact. To take off, first you must power up the ship, which takes some days, during which you must survive raids.
  • Space ship construction now requires advanced components, which have their own tech tree and production method
  • Split pistol into revolver and autopistol
  • Boomalopes can be milked for chemfuel
  • Added chemfuel generator, which generates electricity from chemfuel
  • Artillery works differently now. There is one type of mortar, which can fire any type of shell, with each shell creating a different effect. The shells are explosive, incendiary, firefoam, and antigrain (a special high-tech warhead).
  • Seasonal latitudes: Seasons now more reasonably adjust depending on latitude. Instead of flipping at the equator, there is a seasonless crossover zone.
  • Redesigned alert letter types and sounds to be more specific.
  • Pawns can now be banished. This is analogous to abandoning pawns in caravans.
  • Technical: The save file now contains the actual contents of the planet map, instead of just the seed to generate it. This speed up loading, makes forward compatibility possible, and makes it technically possible to modify the world map during play.
  • Many many tunings, bugfixes, and redesigns.

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