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This article is about the base weapon, for the persona weapon, see Persona monosword



"A crystal-metallic longsword infused with mechanites that maintain a mono-molecular cutting edge. It cuts through even thick armor with ease, and its light weight permits fast attacks."

Market Value
2000 Silver.png
2 kg
Dmg Type
Attack 1
12 dmg (blunt)
1.6 seconds cooldown
18% armor penetration
Attack 2 
25 dmg (stab)
2.0 seconds cooldown
90% armor penetration
Attack 3 
25 dmg (cut)
2.0 seconds cooldown
90% armor penetration
Melee Average DPS
Melee Average AP

The monosword is a DLC melee weapon that does a large amount of damage, has a fairly short cooldown, and deals sharp damage, it also boasts one of the highest armor penetration values for melee weapons in the game.

It has a great advantage against armored targets and cause opponents to bleed out fairly quickly as the Monosword lops off limbs with fair ease.


If the Royalty DLC is active, monoswords can be purchased from any combat supplier or war merchant, at Empire settlements or obtained as a quest reward,


Unlike the two other Ultra-level weapons, the plasmasword and the zeushammer, the monosword inflicts no status effect, instead it has its disproportionately large armor piercing value. With this exceptional AP and a high Damage per Second, it is one of the best and most versatile melee weapons in the game, performing well against all targets while its brethren excel in specific roles.

Keep in mind however that while it does have exceptional AP, armor pieces tend to be more protective against sharp than blunt. Thus, against high tier armors that aren't negated by the either weapon's AP, the monosword is more affected by armor than the zeushammer of the same quality. For example, a normal quality zeushammer would have a higher effective DPS against a normal quality set of Cataphract armor than a normal quality monosword. When the monosword AP is sufficient to outright negate the armor, such as against a poor flak vest, then the superior optimal DPS of the monosword would win out.

Quality Table

Quality Avg DPS Avg AP Market Value
Awful Monosword 9.66 66.4% 1000 Silver
Poor Monosword 10.87 74.7% 1500 Silver
Normal Monosword 12.08 83% 2000 Silver
Good Monosword 13.29 91.3% 2500 Silver
Excellent Monosword 14.5 99.6% 3000 Silver
Masterwork Monosword 17.52 120.35% 4000 Silver
Legendary Monosword 19.93 136.95% 5000 Silver

For the full effects of qualities, see Quality.

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