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"The oldest human weapon - a shaped stick, heavy at one end, for bashing enemies to death. Primitive but effective."

Dmg Type
129 ticks (2.15 secs)
40 x Material Value

The club is a neolithic melee weapon that does a moderate amount of blunt damage and has a moderate-long cooldown. As is typical with any blunt weapon, club attacks don't cause bleeding (unless a body part gets destroyed), and generally fare better against armor when compared to sharp weapons. Clubs can also be crafted at a crafting spot, fueled smithy, or electric smithy without any research required; from 40 of any metallic, wooden, or stony material and 500 ticks (8.33 secs) of work. They can also be purchased from any combat supplier or war merchant, or obtained from melee raiders of any faction.

Like the shiv, clubs are generated without a quality level - in essence, all clubs are "normal." This makes them worth considering if you have no competent crafters yet. With underwhelming damage output, clubs only make sense as melee options in the early game; although they cost more to produce than shivs, they outperform them in terms of DPS. Once you have craftsmen capable of reliably producing better than normal quality weapons, however, there is no reason to ever build a club again. Although plasteel or jade clubs are effective weapons for use against armored foes, maces are unambiguously superior (albeit more expensive) weapons, especially if they are high quality.

Possible Attacks

Tool Attack Damage Type Power Cooldown Likelihood[1] Base DPS[2] Armored DPS[3]
Overall - - 11.966 2.15s - 5.566 5.12
Handle Poke Blunt 8 2.15s 36% 3.721 3.423
Head Smash Blunt 14.2 2.15s 64% 6.605 6.076
  1. Weighted based on the amount of damage that the tool does.
  2. Damage Per Second.
  3. Against a normal quality armor vest (50% sharp damage reduction and 10% deflection chance; 20% blunt damage reduction), including coverage.


Prior to Beta 18, clubs were generated with a quality value.