Medieval Weapons

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Axe Content added by the Royalty DLC

An advanced form of one of mankind's oldest weapons, the war axe is a short blade attached to a shaft. The simple, ancient design concentrates cutting power generated from strong overhand swings.


A short sword of ancient design. Good for stabbing or slashing. It's light and nimble, which sometimes lets it beat bigger, heavier weapons.


The ancient weapon of kings, the longsword can be used for slashing or stabbing.


A refined club, engineered for efficient swinging and deadly impacts.

Nerve spiker.png

A crossbow-like device that throws rough spikes embedded with a paralytic biotoxin. Low damage, but it stuns non-mechanoid targets. Large targets are more resistant to the biotoxin and will be stunned for less time.


A long polearm topped with a brutal hammer. The powerful blunt impacts can pulverize an enemy's insides, even through armor.