Resurrector mech serum

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Resurrector mech serum

A one-use super-dose of mechanites tuned to resurrect the dead. Administered to a corpse soon after death, mechanites repair broken-down tissues and kickstart the body back to life. Unfortunately, the resurrected sometimes come back with brain damage, blindness, or progressive psychosis. Outcomes are better when the mechanites are administered to a fresher body. Well-preserved bodies can be resurrected, even long after death.

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The resurrector mech serum is an item found in quests that can resurrect any deceased organic life form, human or animal.


A resurrector can be used on a corpse even when rotting, but not once it becomes a desiccated skeleton. To activate it, select a pawn and right-click the serum, then click a valid target. The colonist will use the serum on the corpse, returning it to life as well as restoring missing organs and eliminating all health problems except brain injury and Luciferium addiction. Replacement body parts are not affected.

Using it on an enemy corpse will not convert them towards your side. They will remain hostile. However, since they return to life incapacitated you can easily arrest and capture them.

Resurrection ailments

Using a resurrector is not always without cost. Once revived, pawns will initially be incapacitated due to resurrection sickness. Besides this, they may suffer from additional side effects, though the chances are less when the serum is used on a corpse that is fresh or better preserved.

Possible side effects are:

  • 8% chance of brain damage, with an additional 20% chance per day dead.
  • 4% chance of blindness, with an additional 12% chance per day dead.
  • 30% chance of resurrection psychosis. This is only visible several days after usage.


Colony pets will feed from the corpse of the intended body unless properly separated from the rest of the food source.