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Downed is a condition in which a creature (human, animal, etc) is alive but incapable of movement. This is caused by one of the following states, listed in order of severity:

  1. Unconscious. Consciousness is below 30% but above 0%.
  2. Pain shock. Pain reaches Pain Shock Threshold.
  3. Incapacitated. Moving capacity is 15% or less.

"Incapacitated" and "incapable of movement" are often used as synonyms for downing. Creatures properly inside a bed are usually called "incapcitated" or "resting" rather than "downed", but they are functionally the same state.

Downed humans will drop their weapons and other carried items. The vast majority of enemies will stop attacking once their target is downed. Pawns under murderous rage and predator animals looking for food can continue to target them, however. Also, downed pawns are still vulnerable to explosions.

Death on down

Enemy pawns have a chance to die when downed from pain shock, even if their condition otherwise would not kill them. This chance is dependent on storyteller settings and can be adjusted at any time. Other causes of downing, such as from blood loss or heatstroke, do not trigger this death chance, so are preferred if you want to capture somebody.

Enemy mechanoids are always killed whenever they are downed. This does not apply to friendly mechanoids.Content added by the Biotech DLC


An incapacitated creature is a valid target for a variety of actions:

  • Rescue.
  • Ranged or Melee attack to death by a drafted pawn, which does not give XP.
  • Being carried by any drafted pawn, even if incapable of hauler work. They can be dropped at a place of choice.
  • Being tended by a drafted pawn on the spot.
  • Involuntary loading into a cryptosleep casket.

Actions specific to incapacitated humans:

Actions specific to downed animals:

  • Neck cut. A colonist set to Hunting will finish off any animal that are set to hunt.
    • Tame animals cannot be hunted, but slaughtering is functionally similar (and does not require downing).

Version history

  • 1.3.3066 - Drafted pawns can tend to others in the field, and are able to use medicine. They can also be ordered to carry another downed pawn.