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Tox gas is a gas created by burning or damaged toxic wastepacks and tox weapons. It causes irritation and toxic buildup.


Tox gas can be created in multiple ways. The most easy way is to use one of the tox weapons.

Another way to create tox gas is by damaging toxic wastepacks, such as by burning them.

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Tox gas burns the lungs and eyes and induce tox buildup if surrounded by it long enough.

Tox gas exposure:

  • Tox gas (mild)
(Density: 0% - 19%):
(Density: 20% - 49%):
(Density: 50% - 100%):

At a density of 100% tox gas, toxic buildup takes about 45 seconds to reach 100%.

The Tox immunity and Total antitoxic lungs genes render a pawn immune to tox gas.

Tox gas follows general gas mechanics. A high density of the gas can easily be reached in smaller spaces (for example a small valley).

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Unless you do not care about pollution, creating tox gas by shooting or burning it is not recommended as the toxic wastepacks will eventually detoriate.

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Version history[edit]

  • Biotech DLC Release - Added.
  • 1.4.3555 - All gasses, including tox gas, can now travel through vents.