Cryptosleep casket

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Cryptosleep casket


A self-powered sarcophagus designed to keep a person in a state of suspended animation for many years.

2 ˣ 1
Cover Effectiveness
180Steel.png + 5Uranium.png + 8Component.png
135Steel.png + 3.75Uranium.png + 6Component.png

A cryptosleep casket main use is to keep a humanoid or animal in a state of suspended animation. It can be constructed from the Misc menu after it has been researched.

During cryptosleep, occupants will not age biologically but only chronologically. This device helps relieve a colony during a crisis such as: an intense psychic wave or medicine shortage, until the problem is resolved. After waking from cryptosleep a humanoid will have cryptosleep sickness for a short time, which reduces consciousness and manipulation and causes vomiting.

Cryptosleep caskets may also be found inside an ancient shrine. These cryptosleep caskets prefixed "ancient", are almost always occupied and occasionally guarded by mechanoids, however the information panel will only show the contents as 'unknown' without any specification. If disturbed, each of the caskets will release their occupants which are often hostile. An empty cryptosleep casket may be claimed and used by the colony as its own.

Cryptosleep caskets are visually and functionally identical to the ship cryptosleep casket except ship cryptosleep caskets can eject its occupants.

Placement Opening
Cryptosleep casket: built anywhere can only be opened by a hauler, using the 'Open' designator
Ship cryptosleep casket: connects to ship only colonist may eject self

When a cryptosleep casket is severely damaged it will spark briefly then explode. Nearby flammables may catch fire.

Entering a Cryptosleep Casket

To have a colonist enter a cryptosleep casket, simply select the colonist, then right-click a cryptosleep casket, and choose "Enter cryptosleep casket".

Animals or prisoners can be put into cryptosleep caskets, but they need to be downed first. This can be done by applying anesthesia followed by manually directing a colonist to carry them inside.